Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Am I "weird?"

This weekend, and today I was told by someone that I was "weird."

I don't at all take offense, because what the people were referring to, I don't mind. I am weird.

Weird because when people talk about new Coach Purses, I look at my totes black bag (that I got for free from M-I-L) I laugh. I spent my three hundred dollars on bullets from Sportsmans. (OK, let me just tell you that I was so excited about this sled that I actually measured it with my BODY...this is the "Magnum" edition, and we wouldn't get this one, but the one below it. Sigh...)

Weird because when people talk about what they're going to eat for dinner, what shall we cook today... I already know. And chances are, its some sort of Meat and Potatoes dinner. Made from scratch, every day. What exactly is Vegetarian and Vegan and all that crap?! I like vegetables, but as a side dish to my chicken fried caribou steak!

Weird because I own two pairs of jeans...from Old Navy. And I only ever wear jeans! When one pair wears out, I just go to Old Navy and get another $25 pair.

Weird because I don't wear makeup, or dry my hair, or worry about what it'll look like after I wake up. I wear dirty clothes, and don't even care as long as they don't smell!

Weird because when my daughter and son were at the Inupiaq school, rather than washing their clothes all the time, I just got up a half hour earlier and made them Atikluk's to wear probably twice a week. My daughter had about 27 atikluks at one time. (I think she's down to four or five now though...I'm getting better, I swear)

Weird because people get excited about sales at Khol's after Thanksgiving and Christmas. I get excited about a new Otter sled that costs me less than a hundred bucks and is perfect for Shiifishing this spring! I get super DUPER excited when I get a "20% off one item" at REI or Cabelas and I use that coupon over and over again in their bargain bin, purchasing most of our hunting gear for like 75% off!

Weird because I like to stay SUPER busy...I don't watch TV much, I like simple things. Like when I take my 6 year old out shooting, we don't accidentally shoot the dog. That is an accomplishment! My life is FAST and BUSY. And I like it that way. When I'm at camp, its slow and wonderful, but its still busy. Who has time to sit and think? Not me.

Weird because my FAVORITE Christmas present (I can't say of ALL TIME, because that STILL has to be my professional series 6 qt. Kitchenaide!) this year was a Kindle. And since I FINALLY registered it, on Friday, I have read no less than four books (FIVE days) and I got into a bit of trouble with the "one-click" purchases on Whispernet. Shucks, who knew all those 4 dollar books would add up!? So, I guess I'll have to stick with what I have, and hope that my husband buys something for his snowmachine so I can justify getting like fifteen more books this weekend.

When I go into the city, I love McDonald's as much as I love Sushi. I would DIE before getting a pedicure, gross. I would rather spend my day at Chuck-E-Cheeses with 10,000 tokens before going to a "Day Spa." I like Wal-Mart and Target, and REI, and Cabelas, and Michael's and I should own stock in Jo-Ann fabrics. I could just about laugh in convulsions if Alaska Fur Exchange had a half off sale. I'd go broke. "It's HALF OFF though!"

So, I guess, you could say that I AM weird. But, I like this weird...and I'm fine with this weird. Weird is good. I like my easy mornings with no commute. My kids being able to come to my office after school. My homecooked meals every day. My crazy and fun friends who mess up my house so I can clean it up. My funny, stubborn, smart kids who make us shake our heads every single day.

P.S. I just got my "Pioneer Woman" Cookbook in the mail. I told the hubby, "It is ALL MEAT and Potatoes!" He just about died in excitement. (He's still not even half as excited as I am, I've already tabbed like seven pages that I'm going to make TODAY!) Pretty much everything in that cookbook we can make, because there aren't any funky ingredients that we can't find here. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Uhh so totally not weird. I think that's super cool. Honestly I think that's why your a pretty rad chick.

Being into camp and cooking and hunting is awesome. It makes you intriguing to those who don't have the opprotunities to do those things. I get ideas from your cooking pictures often!!!

so Pshh on them!

Lisa said...

Well if you are weird then I am right there with ya! I could care less about shopping, have NEVER worn makeup and I would much rather be outside getting dirty then get dragged through a mall. While I dont like to cook, I do love the fact that my husband does and keeps me(and the kids!) well fed.

I know I dont 'know' you, but I think you are one hell of gal and I think it would be a blast to hang out with ya!

P.S. I havent forgotten about your generosity...I have a box going to mail off to you!

owlfan said...

I'll agree with you most of the way, but I don't want to spend time in a day spa OR Chuck E. Cheese. I have been to a CEC before and it always gives me a massive headache.

Tari said...

You sound pretty normal to me. I always get in trouble when I go to REI. Heaven help me if there was a Bass Pro nearby too.

Hmmm...Maybe that means I'm weird, too.

Although I should admit, I really enjoyed the massage my hubby got me at a nearby spa for my birthday.

Finnskimo said...

SIKSU cooks breakfast at camp!

Arvay said...

I could not imagine wearing makeup in a cold climate! What would happen when you get the frost on your eyelashes? Would you get black streaks all over your face? And what about lip stick when you have to wrap your scarf over your mouth? Ewwww!

As for the vegetarian/vegan thing, I have to tell you, it's feasible in warm climates. I was a veggie for like six years when I lived in California. You just don't need to eat all that much. Here in Fairbanks, though, I need meat and fat!

gpc said...

I'm on board with you on the jeans, the hair, the no-make-up, and the no-television, books and Pioneer Woman -- but have to admit, a like a good pedicure once a year or so if I can get it!

Sabrina said...

We weren't crazy about the mac n cheese, lemme know what your family thinks of it.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!

Lori said...

You can great free books for your Kindle if you like to read the classics (I suggest Jane Austen) from many places, here's one: feedbooks.

(part Finn too)

Natalie said...

I have been reading your blog for just a short time, but I love it. I think your life is interesting and fun too. Of course it is different from mine, but that makes it all the more enjoyable to read about. I think you have such a nice family too.
You are not weird at all. Just different from some. And anyway, we are all different in some way or another and aren't we all weird in one way or another!
I look forward to going back and reading more about you and your life.

cindy shake said...

Then Weird is GOOD :o) I LOVE being weird.