Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello out there...

Nice to meet you.

Oh, look, for those of you who don't read the Anchorage Daily News...we're famous.

"We" being my sister, Chicken Momma, her boyfriend, Eskimo Power, and me...Finnskimo. (You know, I've always wanted to be called "FOOD PORN!" Isn't that great!!!??)

But only for the next day or so, until some other great person comes along and steals our thunder and glory! Or, actually, that's quite OK with me.

Just don't get mad at me for killing mice. Seriously, everyone does it, and I'm completely normal. (and I did read a lot of books and shoot other things in my spare time.)

On another note...for all of you regular followers. I'll be in Noorvik, AK this week to help out the national media for the 2010 Census. The first enumerated person will be from Noorvik, and I get to be there and watch.

When he was told he was the FIRST, he replied, "Oh Shucks." (His niece told me that today!)

Sorry though, can't tell you who it is. Top Secret information. If I tell you, I'll have to .... nevermind.

Well, see y'all on the flip side. Or at least on Tuesday when I get back.


Lisa said...

Have fun! :)

jonzjenn said...

john is from my home village, but I live in Aleknigak now building a home once again, but it good to see john is doing fine. I also knew his father very well.

jon dyasuk

Mikan said...

Great article - I found Eskimo Power not 2 days ago! I should have known you all were family, lol.

Wish they would have mentioned Keeping it Real, too.

Ann Strongheart said...


I read about your blog and your sisters and her boyfriends on ADN. I just wanted to say hi and Quyana Cakneq for blogging! It's great to see other blogs from the Bush.

Happy Blogging!

Ann Strongheart

Nan said...

Hello from Homer ! Found your blog from ANC this morning. What a great blog you have to show what life is like in the villages. Reading on down it cracked me up to see you have the Pioneer Woman's Cook Book, oh I love the net that opens up the world to all of us. Visit my blog sometime. Nan

Sabrina said...

Have a nice trip! That's exciting getting to watch as the first person gets enumerated! I can't wait to hear how it goes! Also, I'll be checking out your sister and her boyfriend's blogs now too :-)

Lisa said...

I read the ADN article last night and thought it was SO cool!! Kudos to all of you for getting a write-up!

cindy shake said...

Great press! Just read about your Blogs in the Anchorage Daily News this morning!!! I've been reading your Blog for a few months and what I think is so crazy is that I came across your Blog from The Amazing Trips Blog and here we are in the same state! Fun huh?! I've passed your Blog onto my husband who is a teacher and teaches high school Alaska Studies. you offer a good insight into living in the real Alaska.

Arvay said...

The article in the Fairbanks News Miner identified Mr. Number One. He must have agreed to it. :)