Thursday, January 28, 2010

NOORVIK, AK photos

I'm tired...real tired. So, I'll just post some photos of my trip to Noorvik for the 2010 census.

Although, I was telling the Director of the Census Bureau that he should have come out of Clifton's house and said..."ONE!" Or better yet, "Atausriq!" (Inupiaq for One) That way, he would have actually, COUNTED him!!!

This week has been mighty hectic... Travel, meetings, and more travel, that was canceled due to 50 mile-an-hour winds in the villages. So, we're leaving Monday instead. I think I'll go to camp to unwind. Whew...

Enjoy this Eskimo Candy for your eyes:

I love to watch Elder's laugh...they are so beautiful!

Wolf Mittens, similar to the ones I made Dean for Christmas, except these have come I didn't thik of that!?

Bunch of stuff, but the most important would be the Blazo box made into a sled!

Beaded house slippers. Ahhh, I want a pair!

Seal Hook...when your seal is on thin ice, after you've shot it, throw this at it and hook it into your boat!

Use THIS rope and tie it onto your hook! This rope is made from a single hide of a bearded seal cut spirally. It's pretty strong now, and can pull a car out of a ditch (it HAS!) but braided into three, it could probably pull a house.

Eskimo Rubber Boots. Waterproof mukluks. These are sewn a certain way wet, and when they dry, its watertight.

Tutluliks!!! YAY... My favorite kind of mukluk!

Me...always sewing. Sigh... (Right now I'm making a pair of sealskin gloves for Dean...)

Old harpoon tip made with ivory.

I believe this is a fishing seine. Its made with a white gunny sack!!! Eskimo's recycle everything!

Berry picking spoon and basket.

Beautifully beaded kuppaq (parky or mukluk trim).

Furthest away is a barrel, used to store Seal Oil, berries and the sort. They were Butter barrels off the boat. Closer to the camera are berry baskets. :)

Once, I ran out of a doghouse for Nugent. I think I just found some new ones... :)

I absolutely LOVE how the elders dress in the outlying communities...beautiful I tell ya, beautiful!

It was A LITTLE BIT stormy in Noorvik. I was "stuck" there for a few extra hours. Stuck is an understatement...they fed me and all was grand!

And lastly, my wonderful beautiful friend Evik eskimo dancing.


Anonymous said...

Aah I see Aana Edith Pungalik... She is so much fun to listen to and be around!

I just love the picture of Ev, Beautiful Happiness flowing from her face!

cheryl j

Laurie said...

I read often, and have not yet commented (and feel terrible about that!). I have meant to often, but one thing leads to the next and, well, you know how that goes...just wanted to drop in and tell you how much I enjoy reading life from your end of the world. I have been so fascinated by the raw beauty of Alaska and the beautiful cultures there since my family spent 3 weeks driving all over the country in an RV when I was in college. Aside from the fact that we nearly killed each other living in closer quarters than we've ever lived before, it was an incredible family adventure and one I have not shaken! Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your writing and your photography! Thanks for the glimpse into your life.

gpc said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful people.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Keep them coming.

BreeAnn said...

I really enjoyed all the photo's. What an incredible event to be a part of! Your sewing is beautiful!

Kelli said...

I found your blog through a fellow triplet mom blog and I love it! It is so interesting. The boots and things you sew are amazing- maybe you should start an Etsy store and sell them!

Anonymous said...

wow, beautiful people and seal skin things- I love the sewing stuff. And I just have to say, you spoil that brother of mine! You make him everything! I hope he appreciates it! Love you and miss you! Lorraine