Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My funny Tundra Chick!

My sister Saima is SO FUNNY.

My mom and Saima

OK, I have been reading facebook comments and statuses lately and they all have to do with your "middle name."

"Post your middle name and copy and paste for everyone to see, let's see if anyone knew your middle name!"

Well, people here been there, done that. So, they came up with a new one, "Post your Inupiaq name and who you were named after, let's see if anyone has the same name as you!"

Me and Saima, with our awesome hair and pants!

People up here in this region have Eskimo names. Mine is Katak. I'm named after my mom's mom. My aana.

Translated into English though, it means, "Dropped a lot."

Hmm, imagine my surprise when people teased me. Did I care? NOPE. Why, you ask...

Ok, here's Saima's post from Facebook, just so you can see why I'm not too upset about MY Inupiaq name:

Yep. That's what it means. Seriously.

I mean, we're named after PEOPLE, not the translation!

So, on another note, my sister has a business called, "Tundra Chicks." She has a chicken coop with about 16 chickens (2 might have passed away in a freak coop-cleaning accident). Now, in the -32 below zero weather, they are laying about 12-16 eggs a day.

Well in all this facebook hoopla about middle names and last names and bra colors and Inupiaq names. Here's the latest from my sister Saima.

An entrepreneur, and a funny one at that!

Local people who want eggs, contact her at the following:


Lisa said...

ROFLMAO! That is just awesome, I love the names!

Saima said...

Just FYI the chickens have been laying about 10 a day. sometimes a little more sometimes a little less... :)

Cate said...

Hey, next time Kotz teams come here, maybe I could pay your sister via paypal and you could put some on the plane with someone to me? I just DIE for organic eggs. :)

Sabrina said...

That is awesome! All of my kids are named after someone. My son is named after my husband's oldest brother who passed away in a car wreck 1 yr before I met him. I named my oldest daughter after My Mom. My little one is named Lilyanne because I really liked Lily and Anne was a really good friend when my husband was deployed for over 10 months. Love the name translations though, priceless!

Saima said...

where are you Cate? because I work for the airlines and I can probably work something out...?