Monday, January 25, 2010

First People...First to be counted.

Hello from Noorvik, AK.

Its been a beautiful trip so far. If you've never been to Noorvik, I'd highly suggest it. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous (photos to come soon, I didn't bring my cord!), and the people are completely generous.

As a speaker stated to the Census counters, "Don't assume that because a house is dilapidated and worn down, that there are no residents. Knock, chances are, those are the people who will be inviting you in to eat dinner with them, even if they don't have anything to eat."

The people are generous. Oh, did I already say that? Well, its worth a second mention. Not only are they generous, they are kind, humble, and work extremely hard. So, Thank you people of Noorvik. This Inupiaq appreciates the welcome.

The 2010 census is extremely important to the people of our region. Kotzebue, AK (where I live) has the HIGHEST COST OF LIVING IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. Seriously, I mean it. And, Noorvik and the other surrounding villages cost even more. But, the "study" naming Kotzebue didn't travel to the smaller villages to check. The higher the population, the more beneficial funding we recieve for programs in the region.

So, if you're in the region, and reading this blog...please, please participate in the 2010 census. What's their saying? "Ten questions, ten minutes..." It will make a difference to us.

As our shirts say, we passed out this morning..."I am Inupiaq, and I count."

As for now, the elder Clifton Jackson was counted today at 1:30 pm and we've had our welcomes and speeches, so now its time for FUN! Potluck first, Eskimo dancing next. Can't wait.


The Force Family said...

Yay! That's so awesome! I want a t-shirt! Thank you Maija for always "taking me home!"

Rocksee said...

YAY! I am very proud of you and everyone in Noorvik! What a great day! I read the story in the ADN today and thought about you ! I was like "YO my favorite Finnskimo is there!" I felt a tad cool..just a tad. :) Be safe.. have a GREAT time.. I can't wait to see the pics!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you're having a great time. You deserve it after the past few months you've endured.


Sikuliaq said...

Thanks for sharing Maija

Sabrina said...

That's wonderful! I'm glad you are having a good time there!

Dean said...

Thanks Maija, I'm so wishing I had been home for this event. I'm proud of where I come from: Noorvik!