Friday, September 18, 2009

Typical day at camp...


Yesterday, I was unavoidably absent from my ever persistent FaceBook and Blog. Why? Cause I was resetting my internal technology laced body with some much needed TLC.

johnsons camp

And by TLC, I'm not talking about a BABY STORY marathon. I'm talking about being stuck at Sisualik. My other home.


Jon and Eric flew Nugent and I to Sisualik in our plane, Stubbs. Upon takeoff, Noodge, being the loving and maija-like dog he is, THREW up in the back seat, next to Eric. I laughed cause it sorta smelled like dirty cat food. And besides, I was too nervous to think of Dog Puke to focus on that.


Dean and Koy picked us up in my native charriot and brought me to the house.

house at camp

We immediately started on the two caribou Koy and Dean got because there was a black bear lurking in the depths of the tundra waiting for us to leave them out. After cutting the caribou by the light of the moon (and a few headlamps) we headed inside for some much needed unwinding...with books, looking out the picture window.

picture window

By the light of my 21st birthday present from my dad, I was able to read about three quarters of the book. I super duper enjoy reading by the light of lanterns and propane lights. Its just so comforting.

21st bday lantern

I also love watching the Fire Channel. It crackles and is offered in full surround sound. But better than that, you can actually FEEL the heat coming off it enveloping your wool sock laden feet.

fire channel

And pretty much just look out the window at your inisaqs to make sure no bears are eating your meat!


Sleeping at the camp house is blissful. The cool air coming from the ground up mixing with the heat above. You always, and I reiterate, ALWAYS have a good night's sleep at camp. Even Dean, my perpetual snorer, sleeps well, sans snoring!

Morning time at camp is the same as it has been since the original house was built in the late 60's. Sourdough pancakes, mushaq (cream of wheat or oatmeal), and camp coffee.


And why change something that's perfect?!

Kids spend their days lounging around, reading, getting into mischief, or hunting squirrels with a bat and a .22.

squirrel hunting

Dean cuts wood and both him and Koy chop it for Aana's house, Mom's house and the Sauna.

cut wood

chop wood

Me? I'm berry picking in the late fall. There's nothing better to do for four hours then pick berries with your Aana. Its a time I can reflect on life, think about things, and just plain relax. If bending over for hours at a time doesn't get to you that is! (I'm used to it, so I'm good!)

pick berries


Pretty much, days at camp seem lazy and serene, because of how relaxing it really is. Hauling water and chopping wood, putting 24 gallons of berries away (17 black and 7 cran), cutting and hanging meat, don't seem like chores.

It's all relative you know!?

Shells on the shelf

Here's to people's different views of camp. As for me, If you need me, I'll be back out there this weekend.

PS, I found this "pile" of stuff in the kids play corner of the house. If you look closely, you can see the following:

kid toys

Ring Bling
Broken Shells
Lego parts
.22 shell
Crab Shell
rock with a hole in it

This is what kids "play" with. Although I don't know why the .22 shell is there, other than that it was just there. Hmm...


Allmycke said...

I almost broke my monitor, trying to get to where you are! Beautiful pictures - and I SO understand why you love it there!

Anonymous said...

I felt like I just went to camp :) arigaa thanks for sharing ... Then it was back to the city.