Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Better than crack...

So, late last night, I enjoyed some great company in the form of some beautiful Eskimo friends.

We laughed and laughed, ate homemade doughnuts with Maple frosting, Moose Jerky and drank Tilaqait, and simply enjoyed each other's company.


They told me I was so cute and innocent! WHAT?!


So, I am here to show you that I AM so in fact, addicted to something. I mean, its not Crack, or like Angel Dust or anything...or even Weed. Or whatever any of those other drugs are. (Come ON, I'm from NORTHERN ALASKA...and I led a VERY sheltered life!)

It's Facebook.

FB large

Gosh, I can't get enough! I'm on it at home all night when I'm there...I'm on it at work (and technically speaking, its a VERY great avenue for Shareholder Communications, so I am seriously justifying it, because that IS my job...shareholder communication, and where else do you think I get all these GREAT photos for!? Yeah...facebook!) I am thinking about what my cool snappy status will say all day long!

I have found family and friends I didn't even know I had! Its like Blogging on crack in real-time!

I just love me some facebook!

I mean I'm just enriching my relationships right?! I know, its SO bad to sit here all day and wait for Tia in Anchorage and Laura in Virginia to comment on my status so I can talk back to them! But I do it anyway. Cause it makes me happy. And I'm addicted.

Hello, my name is Maija. And I am a Facebook Addict. I need treatment.

BUT, I think this weekend me and the LADIES are going to run away to camp to hang out and de-technology ourselves. And use honey buckets. And make sourdough hotcakes. And haul water. And take a sauna. own sort of intervention!

And in Kotzebue, AK...the snow is STICKING. Ugh. Here we come winter. A PERFECT time to shell up and change my status seventeen times throughout the day! RIGHT?!

snow on grass


TwoYaks said...

There was a funny story about a robber who was so hooked on Facebook he logged into facebook while robbing a house.

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

EVERYONE I know rolls their eyes when I begin a story that starts with "When I was on FB last night" and no one even asks me where I "heard" something, or how I "know" something when I tell them some random OR some really important piece of knowledge. They just all shake their heads and say "yeah, I know, FB." Sigh. I,too, desperately need an intervention.
If I add you as a friend, I will check your status a hundred times a day, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the very few who does not have FB or Myspace pages.


Urban Milkmaid said...

And the Crack within the Crack of FB = "Farmville".... Oy!

Anonymous said...

My ya Lookin good
Maija, I enjoyed your pics and stories. I miss camping, not taking a camper down the highway with the greater half of the southeast population thinking the same thing, or "camping" at the state fair.