Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Koy's Bou

I knew I lived in a world that cared. I don't really care to watch awful things on television. I don't like to watch people get hurt (like on that show "Scarred..." Can't watch it.)

Don't get me wrong, if something's funny, and NO one is hurt, I'll laugh. I might even blog about it. Especially if its Cathy! haha.


Anyway, I spent the weekend at camp with my grandmother. We talked and talked. She cried, I cried. She laughed, I laughed. We took a sauna. We picked berries. She made hotcakes and Tinguliks and Bible and Heart and Tongue and Moose Nose. We hung like the buds we are.

Dean went hunting, and met up with some of the coolest people on earth...Raymond and Agnes.

Raymond and Agnes

When Koy and I couldn't get across because of the large waves, Raymond came to get us. He drove the boat in the PITCH blackness across the sound, in the OCEAN, to camp. Pitch Black Seriously. I told my Aana and she said that Raymond's Dad was like that too. That his name, Raymond, Jr. is a well fitting name.

Deans Moose

They caught caribou and a huge moose. It was just a simply grand time. Perfect.

We came home with 2 caribou, 1 moose, 17 gallons of blackberries, and 9 1/2 gallons of Cranberries. I'd say it was a successful trip!

THEN, I came home and checked the mail yesterday to find twelve letters, addressed to "Kotzebue House Fires C/O Maija Lukin." In them? ONE THOUSAND dollars in checks and cash. A THOUSAND dollars for the people who lost their homes. THEN, I checked the Paypal account, and in it was $2,165. That's THREE THOUSAND dollars that YOU all have donated for these families.

Dean and Maija

I know three thousand dollars is not going to get their houses back, but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all so much. No talk about high gas prices, no talk about how difficult life is. Just people helping people. Like all of humanity should.

P.S. In Kotzebue, AK, its SNOWING. :) Happy Winter people!

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