Monday, September 14, 2009

I LOooOOOoOOOoOOve my people...

Technically I am half white (Finnish, but lets not discriminate, I'll claim EUROPEAN) and half Inupiaq (Eskimo), and my son is a little of this and that. My half, and a little Hispanic and a little African-American and a little more Inupiaq. And, my husband is a little Canadian and a little Russian. And my daughter is a little Korean (Asian) and a little Indian and a little Hawaiian, and more Inupiaq. My dad considers himself a "child of the world" as they lived in Finland, Iran, Turkey, Colorado, and Alaska, and I'm his child, so that makes ME a "child of the world," right?

So, really... that pretty much covers everyone right?! (Dang it...except Australians. I don't know how to include y'all, but I just think the way you talk is cool, so I'm TOTALLY claiming you!)

And now for some MORE prizes...
earrings ivory
Ivory Earrings, very cool.

I just love everyone!

Thank you for your humungous, Gigantic, EXCEPTIONAL amount of support! I was very mistaken when I said that I love living in my community, meaning the town and region that I am living in now. I was so, so wrong. I apologize.

Warm Scarves...winter is a-coming!

Why was I wrong?! Because (Thanks TOM) "the concept of "community" isn't geographical. I may live in New York but some of my neighbors live in Alaska and when a tragedy like this strikes we should all pull together. I only wish I could give more."

Baby blanket. Cotton and Fleece.

People from all walks of life have given.

I read (and CRIED, and CRIED) about a blogger who donated in the midst of her own tragedy. Losing her beloved husband only weeks prior, raising a 2 year old and a new baby on the way, living in a small rural village, and no one to take care of her. She took care of the funeral expenses, the traditional practices and everything, BUT SHE STILL GAVE to our friends, our neighbors, our townfolk.

earrings beaded
Beaded Earrings

I read about a lady who was diabled, who was feeling a bit sorry for herself, but after reading the post, "hobbled her way" to the post office to donate $100! HOBBLED. A DISABLED PERSON!

white atilkluk
White Zip-up Kuspuk (atikluk)

I am so humbled and grateful for everyone who has taken the time to read, forward and of course, GIVE to our own.

Here is the REAL Swan Antler. Very cool. I put my pen next to it, so you could see how grand it really is!

Tom, you were right. Community isn't geographical at all. We all live in this world together. Thank you for showing me that we always take care of our own.


Anonymous said...

Cool, I didn't your kids were all those ethnicitys. Koy is part Hispanic and African American? And Kaisa is Korean, Indian and Hawaiian? That's so cool, I had no idea. But they aren't Russian like Dean?
Kotzebue Person

Finnskimo said...

Dude...Kotzebue Person...Dean and I got married two years ago. :) That would make me mother with two children, and him, father with two children. We're a mixed family! hahaha.

And I think I was wrong, Kaisa is no Korean. Her grandpa's mom is Korean, but I was just told that she's not his "real" mom. But still. I still claim to love everyone!


And no...NONE of us are Russian like Dean. My dad would die if we claimed to be Russian! (You know...Russians and Finn's don't mix!) HAHAHAHhaha.

Anonymous said...

Oh,I see. So Kaisa is Eskimo,Finnish,Hawaiian and Indian? Is Kaisa a Hawaiian name? So Koy isn't Hawaiian either? I never knew Koy was part tuqseepuk.
Your blog is cool, thank you for helping with the family whose house burned down.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,I didn't mean to be nosy.It's just cool and confusing that your family is so different.
Kotzebue Person

Finnskimo said...

I'm a little confused too, but that's ok, cause we like it that way I guess! hehe.

Obviously, I'm an open book. If I wasn't...I wouldn't write in a blog everyday!

Anonymous said...

So how is Koy part Tuqseepuk and Kaisa part Hawaiian?Keoni is there dad right?
Kotzebue Person

Finnskimo said...

Uhh, nope. He is just Kaisa's dad. I blog cause I live a totally redneck alaskan life.

I was married before, to Koy's dad...then got a divorce, then had Kaisa, then broke up, and am now married again!

If that's not redneck I don't know what is! (Well, I guess it could be redneck if they were my cousins or something...but they're not!)