Friday, September 11, 2009

Large proportions!

So, this contest...remember that!? Yesterday's post. It has grown.

I nurtured it and fed it and asked around town.


And by "grown" I mean exponentially! The prize list is over 20 items long and 90% of them are of the Eskimo variety. We have things like:

Seal Skin Slippers, women's size 9, men's size 7, but I'm sure we can trade if needed...


Birch Bark Baskets made by ladies from the Upper Kobuk, donated by the Borough...


A grass handweaved basket by Kathleen Westlake... (this is representative of what they look like, not the actual will look very similar to this one though!)


Tundra Berry Jams made and donated by Red Seeberger...


Matted Photos by Aqvaluk Photography, and my co-conspirator Cathy.

A handmade knife by Siksu's Knives (my hubby!)...


Mukluk and


Mitten Keychains...


and a Swan Antler Carving. (I know, I know, this is an eagle, but the carving hasn't come in yet, so this is representative of what it will look swan form!)


And several more, inlcuding a ROUND TRIP TICKET ON ALASKA AIRLINES...(which is only good from Kotzebue - Anchorage) Sorry folks who are outside Kotz...

And many of the prizes are being made as I type. John is busy making an ivory zipper pull and earrings, and beaders are busy beading barrettes and earrings, etc.

Cathy and I will take care of postage to and from Kotzebue to Anywhere in the United States. Due to the cost of sending something via post...its all we can handle!

So, now, there are several ways you can win:

First, visit your local Well Fargo Bank and donate, show me proof somehow and you'll be entered once for every $10 you donate...

Second, Mail me a check, payable to "Kotzebue House Fires" and email me or Cathy the amount. ( for me for Cathy)

Third, visit either Cathy or myself (in Kotzebue) at our work/home/camp(!) and give us a check or cash and we'll enter your name.

Fourth, go online and transfer from your Wells Fargo Account to ours...under the account name Rick Janitscheck, Savings Account #9790207832

Fifth, Hang out at the Post office (in Kotzebue) tomorrow and donate at the BAKE SALE. And while you're at yourself some taquaq for the weekend.

At the Post Office or by visiting us, you'll be able to write your name on the paper and put it in the bucket yourself. For the other two, you'll just have to trust us! :) Please DON'T forget to email either Cathy or I with the amount that you donate via paypal, or online, or your Wells Fargo branch. We WANT to give you these prizes!

OK, lots of donations are still coming in!

Lets keep them coming!


Justin Rummel said...

Yes, PayPal! You're doing a great thing!

Anonymous said...

Open a Registry at Bed Bath & Beyond, or any other online store. I would like to buy them some necessities. Have them go online and select what they would need for starting over.

Urban Milkmaid said...

Hi - I went to Wells Fargo today in Torrance, California and donated $10. I got a receipt as proof. Can I scan it and email it to you?? My email is if you want to send me an addy I can send my scanned receipt to. You are doing a good thing! Thanks!!! (All those prizes are cool!)

phoebes in santa fe said...

What a wonderful thing you're doing for these families and your community. I just donated $100.00 by PayPal, but I do not want to be in your raffle. Use my entry for someone else.

possum said...

Well, from one half-breed to another - hello! I am half Munsee and my dad's people were PA Dutch! What a mess that makes! LOL!You would be amazed at what we can do to the English language all on our own - but dad worked for the State Dept so we grew up in Turkey! Really, tho, it is so cool growing up in different cultures.

My heart broke when I saw the pictures of the fire on mudflats. Guess you have to thank Sarah the Quitter for my check, because if it hadn't been for her nastiness and AKM's wonderful blog, I would have never known about you all and your problems. I thought of sending a plate of cookies and a missionary, but decided a check would be faster. It will be in the mail tomorrow. It is written and at the Post Office.
I hope you get lots more than mine and lots bigger checks - but, as an old retired school teacher, this is the best I can do... wish it were more.
Best wishes to you all. Faith and love will get you thru it all.

tom burke said...

The concept of "community" isn't geographical. I may live in New York but some of my neighbors live in Alaska and when a tragedy like this strikes we should all pull together. I only wish I could give more.
Tom Burke
Rivherhead, NY