Monday, September 28, 2009

The Fab Life...

With constant snow and ice flowing on the lagoon you can feel one of two things. Happy. Or Sad. Me? I choose to be happy. As sad and looming as the darkness and cold will be, I need to remind myself that with winter comes a lot of other things.

TV. I haven't watched TV in so long! Grey's here I COME.

No more muddy floors! Sigh, I give up early in May to muddy floors and just accept the fact that my floors will be muddy until November.

Snow machines. Yay...I don't have to beg and plead for some lazy fool to bring me to camp anymore. I can jump on my 550 expedition and go MYSELF! Granted, I love it when Dean leaves with his fast crotch rocket an hour before us and warms up the house and Sauna, but if I WANTED to I could go myself. You know, cause in the summer, I am at the whim of an airplane pilot and a boat pilot. Neither of which I am.

School functions. My kids are involved in everything they can get their grubby little fingers on, so I am constantly at the school. Then to top it all off, I think I'm superwoman and I tend to VOLUNTEER to run things as well. I think so far, I've volunteered to run Drama Club, Ballet, Gymnastics and Elementary Cheerleading. Sigh...when will I EVER learn?!

Family Movie night. Once a week we get together and take turns picking a movie. When its real cold, like in January when it was minus forty for 18 days in a row, we watch movies every single night! Let's hope its not minus forty anymore!

Family Game Night. Once a week we get together and take turns picking a game. Kid's all time favorite? Eskimo bingo! My all time favorite? Are you smarter than a 5th grader DVD edition! Or Scene it Kids.

Easy caribou hunting on a snowgo. See previous post about Snow machines. We just roll up to them and shoot them in the head with a .223 when we run out of meat in the winter.

Wool socks and warm sweatshirts out of the dryer. I LOVE wearing long johns and hand knit wool socks with a sweatshirt right out of the dryer. The summertime doesn't allow for that to look too cool. So I'm happy for it now! My this-weeks' favorite? Brown wool socks with turquoise tops knitted by my aana. Man, I gotta learn to knit!

Skin Sewing. I love sewing. You have NO time in the summer to sew. Besides its sort of taboo to sew in the summertime. So, I just don't do it. I think when I was like twelve, my aana said not to, so I don't. That's my story. But, this year, I am going to make MYSELF a skin parky, and Kaisa' needs new winter mukluks, and Koy needs new wolf tops for his hard bottoms. Mine and Dean's can last another few years. I also need to make mittens for Koy, Kaisa and myself, and extend Kaisa's fur parky. Shoot, a week tops I say! haha.

Drinking hot tea/chocolate/coffee/tang next to the fire. Oh, yeah, first we need to get our fire place in and put it into the house...THEN we'll do that next to the fire. Until then...I'll settle for drinking it on the couch watching TV!

Spending time with family. It seems like the summer is so full of stuff to do and fast paced, that we don't get to spend a lot of time with family. I spent the entire day at my aana's on Sunday. We managed to talk while we made Cranberry Jam, Cranberry Kayusaaq (a sort of Eskimo Cranberry pudding that you dip your), doughnuts and bread. It was great to talk to her and visit.

There are many other things to look forward to. Luckily we have a plane, so we can travel when snowmachines and boats can't so we're pretty much set. But again...that's at the schedule of the pilot. Of which, he (hubby) has some pretty large decisions to make within the next few weeks. Good luck to him. I'll support him whatever he chooses. (Cause I'm good like that!)

OK winter...our meat and berries and fish are put away. The insulation is attached to Koy's bedroom, our water lines are fixed, the glycol has been bled but still needs to be changed, and our stove oil is full until November! Go ahead and come. I'm ready now.


Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

I used to hate winter. With. A. Passion. I was a beach/summer/90 degree girl all the way. I used to whine and complain "Why wasn't I lucky enough to be born in Louisiana, where not only is it hot, but it's muggy, too?" Yeah, nuts, I know. Now. But back then, when I only weighed a hundred pounds soaking wet, that was me. Now, a few years, a few (?) pounds, later - I love winter. Why? Because if you can't get rid of it, you might as well find ways to love it. I look at it now as "the dark half of the year" when people in Celtic countries used to look to the cold, dark nights indoors as a gift of time - time to create, time to make things, time to work on projects, time to be with their families, time to cook good foods. I love the way you've done the same thing - and explained it in almost the same way. It makes you feel better, good even, about something you just have to live with anyways. You might as well CHOOSE to be happy, right?
Oh, I forgot. I also discovered mushing, and winter dogsled races to follow on the internet and get excited about and look forward to. That makes the winter pass LOTS faster for me, too! Yay for dogs and dogsledding!!!

Mommy Missionary said...

Luckily, we have a plane...
that's really funny how you wrote that so non-challantly (sp???).

Anonymous said... you dit it!..I'm hooked on your posts. Your have given me a look into you life that is almost embarrassing. I feel like I know you because of your honesty. If I may, can I continue to read..I'm anonymous because I don't have an account but I'll get one....eddie walkoczy (on facebook)

Anonymous said...

Ariigaa :)