Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The time has come...

A long long time ago I wrote a story about the "CAMO CLAN" invading Kotzebue with their gun cases and game bags and Cabelas poster child gear.

nice skies

The time has come again. Theyyyyy'rrrreee BAAAAAaaaAAAck.

Kotzebue is just a little, itty bitty town in northwest Alaska with two grocery stores (one large chain, one locally owned) no fast food chains, and bordering on the line of insanity, NOTHING to do! Oh...but I'm wrong.

run up hill

Apparently it's the wish and dream of many a men (and women) to come to Kotzebue to hunt the famed Western Arctic Caribou Herd. With the big bulls and the enormous numbers (400,000 last count) people flock from around the WORLD for their chance at a big bull.

I just researched (Googled) the WACH Hunting trips, both guided and transported, and HOLY CRAP DO YOU PEOPLE ACTUALLY PAY THAT MUCH TO COME UP HERE?!??!??? What is WRONG with you!? Seriously. And these guys are not EVEN FROM HERE. They're lazy fools living in New Mexico who rape and pillage the system to get you to come to Alaska to "experience the hunt." You're not even SUPPORTING the locals. No wonder people dislike when its Camo Clan Time.

swim away

Wouldn't it be much, MUCH better if you could hang with locals, stay at locals houses, use their boats/planes/4-wheelers, for a FRACTION of the price?! Last week, Dean's cousin came up and shot his first caribou. Literally got on the flight in the morning from Anchorage, left a few hours later, camped over night in the Arctic Oven shot a bou, and came back home, only to gut and cut and leave the next day!

run away

We are not monitored by state and federal officers, because I am an Alaska Native, from this region. We (and by we, I mean my husband, family and I AND WHOEVER we take out) can hunt on all the native owned lands. (Not the allotments, there are other rules, but I'm not getting into them) Sheesh. We have a guy visiting us, who brought groceries, game bags and is purchasing gas, so we can take him out, get him a caribou and get us some too.

You scratch our back, we'll scratch yours.

swimming swimming swimming

And QUIT SPENDING THAT MUCH MONEY ON a trip that WON'T guarantee you the Caribou you want. Sheesh.

I'll get off my high horse now. As my husband and friend relax at the cabin waiting for the herd to walk through.


TwoYaks said...

Guiding is hit and miss in terms of whether the Guide is an AK resident or not. Nelchina area, there are more resident guides. Lower kuskokwim and (apparently) your area, not so much.

And yeah, people do pay that much. It makes me go o.O

Right now, float planes are taking off and landing almost non-stop out of the SquareFranks airport, most of the charters for people out of state after our moose. It's definitely that time of year!

Anonymous said...

What is that saying...........walk a mile in my shoes!
It is disappointing you see these people as a problem and criticize them. They bring thousands of dollars to your community and to local business. They leave with relatively little.
Perhaps the people of anchorage should look at the throng of ruralites during AFN with the same air you look at the camo clan!

Finnskimo said...

OK Anon. Tell me exactly how much you "contributed" to my community...then I'll change my mind. And please don't say you went to AC, cause that's not bringing money here. Don't say you got dropped off by a "local" guide/transporter. Don't say you bought gas anywhere cause none of it comes back to the community.

And where exactly did I say I see them as a problem. I said I WANT to like them. ALL. I LOVE meeting new people. LOVE it. And would seriously take you out and show you our side. (Actually what am I saying I wouldn't take you out, I don't know how to drive a boat! Maybe my husband!) haha.

Anyway. I HAVE walked a mile in your shoes. I've been to hunts in "america" but I was SURE to buy only local. What about you?

And believe me, the "people of Anchorage" DO look at the throng of ruralities during AFN and criticize them. Why do you think they moved it to FAI?!

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