Friday, December 17, 2010

Smells like Christmas

Actually it smells a little like Spring, Fruity and crisp but it LOOKS like Christmas.

Today my daughter dressed in her ELF BEST and donned a flashing reindeer headband to school for her last day before Christmas Break.

Among a .77 cent gift for each of her classmates (33% off my entire purchase of $1 gifts!) and her teachers, she brought THIS POPCORN and our house smelled of lime and strawberry jello for hours!

And please excuse my iPhone photo, its dark like 22 hours a day here now, so we have to make due with bad kitchen lighting and iPhones sometimes!

But it looks very Christmasy, and tastes AMAZING so whatever works right!?


Sabrina said...

First of all, that popcorn looks delicious! My son's school does not allow anything to be brought in that hasn't been store bought. :-( also, my son has school until next Wed :-( Looks great though, and of course, your little elf is gorgeous!

Finnskimo said...

I could design packaging for the popcorn to make it look store bought!

:) My kids school doesn't care if you send powdered sugar and water (like we did today!) they'll still have them eat it and send them home! (in the 40 below weather!)