Monday, December 6, 2010

19 days of Joyousness...

Ack I have SO much to say.

I mean, I have been out of town so much in the last month and a half, I feel like I missed Winter here. I mean, obviously I didn't MISS it, but I missed the nice, warm winter weather and now I'm stuck with cold-as-antarctic-until-March weather. Cheap.

We had Thanksgiving at my Mother-In-Law's with my parents, sister, etc. And it was good. Weird to not be home in Kotzebue, but really good!

mom rea

Rea started to crawl while we were there and now she's all over the place...worse than a puppy! haha. AND my other sister got ENGAGED. To her Boyfriend of too many years, John. Without us. But we were there in spirit and my Aana was there crying while she giggled her way through the proposal!


My freshman son got hurt on Thursday while I was out of town and was brought to the Emergency Room after practice. He was told he couldn't wrestle the Regional Tournament here in Kotzebue this past weekend. We were all bummed cause my sisters and I wanted to make shirts and lots of signs like "GO KOY PICKLE!" And "Let's Go Koo-koo Boy Koy!" Cause that's what we used to call him.

(See the girls and their sign!!?)


There was a large storm that hit Kotzebue and no planes made it in or out of Kotzebue for a day or so, so the tournament was pushed back. When I got home, he was able to get to the doctor to be re-evaluated, given the Go-ahead to wrestle and ended up placing third, which gives him a berth to State Wrestling this weekend in Nikiski! (My mother-in-law and I are going to go on a road trip with our shirts and signs and watch him and the other Huskies wrestle!)


My husband the knifemaker has been working hard this Christmas to get knives done. And Christmas Presents too. (My list!) He even made a Finnish Cup, a Kuksa for my dad. (Who doesn't read my blog EITHER, what's up with that!? Oh yeah, he's a hermit who lives in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, I'm just happy he has a PHONE!) And now I decided that I want one for Christmas! So he might even be MORE busy cause I NEED ONE!


And lastly there are ONLY NINETEEN more days until Christmas. Why do I procrastinate things and do them last minute??! I don't know. If I knew the answer, I would be able to stop myself. Shoot, what am I saying, no I wouldn't! I'd still procrastinate! Anyway, I have five in my immediate family, then my sisters, nieces, nephew, brother-in-laws, other in-laws, and grandparents to MAKE presents for. Sigh...


I did manage to at LEAST start and finish ONE sealskin slipper last night though. And I'm not worried cause the recipient doesn't read this blog, she just recently discovered and that'll keep her busy for at LEAST a month!


Only 19 more days to make someone feel special. To do a random act of kindness. To smile at a grump. To cook and deliver a meal for a family who needs it. To be kind to one another and remember the true spirit of Christmas!


tundra gypsy said...

cool cup!

Angeline McConnell said...

dont forget mileage plan! =)