Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good kinda food

I miss eating good food in Hawaii.

seared ahi

I miss all the super fresh fruit and the super fresh seafood. Not that I can't get super fresh seafood here, its just much colder to harvest it compared to Hawaii.

Eating shrimp

And we don't have shrimp. Which is cheap. Cause we love shrimp. LOVE it.


And we don't have tuna either. But we do have super fresh salmon and super fresh shiifish and super fresh moose.

Dean's moose

Yup, that's my husband with his compound bow and a moose he got the other day while I was at the State Wrestling Tournament in Nikiski. He's very excited. I'm very excited that we don't have to eat beef anymore! Yay!

I'm not the only person who misses the good Hawaiian food.

Kaisas plate
Kaisa's plate.

Kaisa loves shrimp, and tuna, and sushi, and sashimi, and... Pretty much she'll eat whatever we put in front of her at least once. Allee too, she was all up in that Seared Tuna!

real torture

But in Hawaii, we didn't have Rea. Or our dogs. Or our camp. So, I guess we will just eat our moose roasts cooked in the slow cooker, and in the smokehouse, and canned with homemade BBQ sauce. And save money for our next Hawaii trip!

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