Thursday, December 2, 2010

"A full set of teeth."

Sorry for the hiatus in blogging. It seems like whenever we're in "the city" we are on the go, on the go, on the go. I don't know how much more on the go I can handle.

It's always great to see my friends and family, but with all of our lists and lists and lists, its hard to fit everyone in! I want to see movies, go shopping, eat sushi, etc. And with only a few hours in the evening, I have to just do what I can!

The other night though, I did some shopping and hung out with one of my good friends. She's single, has a young son, and is in school full time. We decided to get some Mexican. I was feeling frisky!

Usually when we get together, we start talking about men. (I mean seriously, besides kids and other bitches, what else do you talk about!?) I sheepishly admitted that Dean is just as hot now and makes me all twitterpated just as much now as when we first started dating. Maybe even more so because I know him that much more. Dean wasn't really the "type" of guy I was into when we started dating. (dating?! hahah) He's much older than I am, (well, 5 years) he had children and a ___ ex-wife, (YOU fill in the blank), he was balding, and worst of all, he was a BUSH PILOT.

But, man OH MAN, he was a looker. IS a looker. And I'm glad I let my guard down and changed up my requirements.

Anyway, we talked and talked. I told her she needed to change her list of 'requirements' so she could get a man! (seriously, I said that, even though she's happily dating a dude who's nice to her!) She told me this...

"I DON'T have a big list. I am an easy person to please. My ONLY requirements are: Has an education, Has a JOB, Has a place to live, Not 60 years old, and has a full set of teeth."

So, if any of you people out there know of anyone of any race, any religion, and have a FULL SET OF TEETH, please inquire!!!

Man, I love being an Eskimo with priorities!!!


Sabrina said...

I love that! I wish I knew someone, but, there aren't many Eskimos around here...and if they are, well, they aren't making it easy to find them! I love reading about your dating Dean, my husband was from Indiana, and I had just sworn off guys from there after 2 bad experiences. You just never know what you're going to find out there...and he was hot, so I took a leap of faith ;-) That was almost 12 years and 4 kids ago ;-)

gpc said...

And if you find any that she rejects because they are 60+, please send them my way!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am just laughing so hard!!
Had you told the full set of teeth before I met my spouse I would have thought you were 'shopping' in WV :-)
Now having lived in the bush I realize this is another place that well applies!!
Gotta laugh on the BUSH PILOT deal as my spouse is too and would have never considered it before we met.
Good Hunting and keep us in the loop if she does find someone special!!