Monday, December 13, 2010

Hard to shop for?

People think I'm hard to shop for. I'm not hard to shop for!

Well, maybe I am. I have sensitive skin. I mean, like don't touch me or you'll give me hives with your grubby oils on your fingers. Like, please use oil-free, soap-free, fragrance-free, everything-free laundry soap, hand soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, or I turn into one big hive. (Yeah, seriously, don't touch me unless you want to have hives in the same position as your fingertip!)

And I don't wear makeup. Or brush my hair. Or wear designer anything. Most times I don't even condition my hair when I shower! (With luke-warm water cause hot water gives me hives...) And no perfume, unless its on the outside of my clothes either.

Here's my Santa Wish List for this Christmas/Birthday/You're-Cool-Day!

1. Duh, I want an iPad! Cause I never did get one during dividend time. We went to Hawaii instead!

2. I have to constantly carry my camera around town, you know..."just in case." So you know one of these would be nice. Or THIS one is actually my favorite cause I don't carry a purse generally, unless it fits all my sewing stuff and my wallet...and my camera in it.

3. Since I don't have any boots, except a pair of hand-me-down bunny boots that are too small, I would VERY much like a pair of Tall Lobbens, in RED but I'll take gray too!

4. And since I love to make a mess in the kitchen... ANYTHING from this store would be nice.

5. And I really want my stinkin' washer and dryer I ordered and had shipped in NOVEMBER. Ugh. I have so many dirty clothes ready to be washed before the Christmas Holiday. Sigh...

6. Oh, I almost forgot, I want Peach on Earth and Goodwill toward man!

That's it. See....not at ALL hard to shop for! Psh!

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Sabrina said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog! My baby girl (2) has sensitive skin like that. I took her to my daughter's speech yesterday and from the time it took to get from the car to the school and back out she had gotten terrible windburn and what looked like frostbite on her face. It was so sad, and she looked like someone had punched her in both eyes last night. It was really strange. Gave her a warm bath with her gentle cetaphil soap (that's not really soap at all) and put her eczema cream on. This morning she looks much better. Weird.