Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The shortest day of the year in NW Alaska.

Yesterday we had 1 hour and 38 minutes of daylight. Today we gain 30-something seconds! And tomorrow we gain 1 minute and 30 something seconds!


Then by March we'll have a NORMAL day. And by May we'll be ice fishing at midnight in the bright sun!

Ahh, it pays to be optimistic!


Until then though, here's a great recipe that I got from my friend Trish . This is THE ONLY Hot Chocolate that we drink at our house. It is so creamy good, especially with Marshmallows or Peeps!

Homemade Hot Chocolate

4 C Powdered Milk
2 1/2 C Nesquik Chocolate Powder
1 1/2 C Non-Dairy Creamer
(If you want, you can also add 1/2 C powdered sugar, but we like it without)


Gather all three ingredients and a large container that can hold over 8 C of powder.


We use Tupperware EVERYTHING. See our Powdered Milk in that Tupperware container!? That's cause we have a 7 gallon bucket of powdered milk! ;)


Measure the ingredients into container and MIX WELL. I mix it up with a spoon, then cover it and shake yo money makah!!


It stores well on the cupboard. I don't exactly know how long it will last as we make this in 8 cup batches that seem to last about a month in our house, with all the below zero temperatures and playing out and all.

Mix 2-3 TBS of mix into a cup of hot water. Top with Marshmallows in the Winter and Peeps at Easter! :)

Yummy in tummy

It is pure bliss in a cup though.

Especially after a long hard day of decorating the Christmas Tree with all our handmade ornaments. (Yes, everything on our tree is handmade - except the lights and wooden garland)


And after a long evening of decorating a home-made gingerbread house with waaaay too much candy.

gingerbread house

Merry Christmas. Only 4 more days until the big day when you-know-who comes to visit!



Rebecca said...

I've just read your codicil I actually laughed out loud. There are some interesting people in this world. Life would be terribly boring without them :)

Susan Stevenson said...

I am a cocoa lover, so I will have to try your recipe!

I love the gingerbread house and your tree is beautiful. I love handmade ornaments. Our old full-size tree was full of handmade ornaments that I made with my sons over the years. Now they're all grown up and living in WI. A few years ago, we downsized to a tabletop tree, and I shipped them most of the handmade ornaments. They were thrilled and proudly hang them on their tree each Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you and yours and YAY for the return of daylight!

Susan in North Pole

Sabrina said...

Just made your hot chocolate! To-Die-For! The kids asked for 2nds and 3rds! Very good!!! We made my son's Gingerbread house today, and then our server crashed right after I transferred the pics, and they are gone...I'm so upset right now. At least I can take more of the house, just not of him decorating it!

Trish said...

Yay for yummy Hot Cocoa! Some day I am going to make my own Marshmallows to go with it. Someday.....

Has Kaisa been singing "all I want for Chrithmath ith my two fwont teeth?" She looks so cute without them!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Non-Mommy said...

I love the lack of front teeth. Darling.

And look so...intellectual hahaha.

Bill of Wasilla said...

All the food looks good and Santa, who has now come and gone, looks jovial. I sure would like to eat some of those fish you pull up from beneath the ice this coming midnight sun!