Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crafty Tuesday Nights...

reindeer candy

As I was lurking around some crafty blogs last night, I came across Anna's Gingerbread Ornaments at Noodlehead and thought this would be the perfect craft to do with the girls before Glee!

gingerbread men 4

Cause you know, I need them to be quiet during Glee. And Raising Hope!

gingerbread men 1

And for the most part they were. Nice and quiet.

gingerbread men 3

I had them do everything themselves and it worked to my advantage except when I had to thread and rethread needles countless times.

gingerbread men 2

But it is a wonderfully easy and cute ornament that we'll be putting on our tree (whenever my husband goes tree hunting up here) this Christmas.

finished product

It also gave me a little time to work on MY Christmas presents. MY, as in, the presents I'm making for everyone. In the most procrastinating way, I finally have one and a half presents done. Only four and a half more to go. Sheesh.

sneek peek

Sneak Peek. Here's a preview just in case someone who's getting these reads this.

sneak peek

My fingers are raw from skin sewing, but it WILL GET DONE! I promise!

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Sabrina said...

Beautiful! I can't wait to see what it is! Also, what did you ever make from the "Kitty"?