Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Black Friday in the city.

Hmm, how do I explain that to my fellow villagers who just don't understand the obsession with getting EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR presents in ONE DAY (ahem..night)!? I will say that this was my very FIRST Black Friday in Anchorage, "the city." First and last that is.

Let's just say that to whoever pushed me at Toys-R-Us while I was holding my niece, I am very sorry that I made you cry, but don't push me while I'm holding a baby, because, remember that disclaimer on the bottom... go ahead, read it. OK, so, the disclaimer says I'm Eskimo. Don't MESS WITH ME. I can handle a gun, a knife, and my mouth very very well. Oh yeah...and, its JUST A TOY. Your spoiled kid will forget about it in three minutes anyway. I am sorry that I told you I'd knock your teeth out though, cause I wouldn't hit you THAT hard, just hard enough to knock some sense into you...and I'd get away with it too. OK, that's all.

So, black Friday. DAMN PEOPLE! Seriously? OK, if I was really REALLY REALLY aching for present ideas, I would have thought it was a great idea to stand in two lines for three hours for some measily stocking stuffers, or if I was really going to get that 55" Flat Screen for the living room, I might not mind, but OMG, do you people realize that 99% of the crap you put into your carts that night you could have just gotten last week, or this week, or tomorrow during your lunch hour at Wal-Mart? Seriously. Do you REALLY need twelve $1.96 DVD's of movies you never really liked, but want to buy anyway cause they're ONLY $1.96!!?

The ONE thing I wanted for Christmas, my Birthday, Mother's Day, etc was a new front load, high efficiency Washer and Dryer, ON pedestals. And thanks to Black Friday I got them. Huge drums ready to wash my clothes, dry my clothes and pretty much fold them too! With free pedestals too! The DEAL OF THE Decade for me! I am excited, so whatever I get for Christmas is just icing on my new washer and dryer cake.

Saturday just feels like a hangover after rushing around with all those people, dashing in and out of stores for THE PERFECT DEAL! I have to say that I like Black Friday in Cyberspace MUCH better. I mean, sure, I'm not going to get all my aggression out when some crazy person pushes me and I go off on them, but then again, I could always just go shovel the deck for that.

Thank God for Sunday. A day of rest. Resting of my tummy, my feet and my mind. I still can't believe that woman pushed me. WITH A BABY. OK I'll get over it. Anyway, today we get to spend time with my dad's family. Yum, I can't wait for some Chickaloon Cranberry Sauce!

Happy Weekend. I'll be in the city, so be prepared for some Sushi shots, some long lines and other silly city-esque things like that!


Sabrina said...

I slept in on Friday. I bought some gifts online, but didn't go anywhere near any stores. I like it that way. I'm totally with you, I'da knocked her teeth out too! Pushing and shoving, I just don't get it!

Non-Mommy said...

I don't get the Black Friday thing, either! I'm still in a turkey coma and need to sleep in. I'd rather pay extra money so that I don't beat some old lady senseless with a DVD I was saving $2 on!

Jennifer Jayhawk said...

LOL over your post and your comments! I cannot stand crowds, particularly those that involve shopping malls. Clearly the woman that shoved you needed a "Holiday reality check".

Anonymous said...

I hope you will enjoy these links:

Years ago I lived in USA. One of the things I did not understand was that Black Friday.

I do love USA and miss those our American years!

Happy Advent wishes to You and your family!
Onnellista adventin aikaa Sinulle ja perheellesi!
Riitta (from Finland)