Monday, August 30, 2010

The simple life.

Oh how I yearn to live a simple life. One without chaos, or business, or screechy electronics. Granted, I usually make my own drama cause I can't keep my mouth shut, and I pretty much am to blame when I am super busy all the time...but the electronics, that's not my fault.

girls in plane

I want that simple life where you and your family can get in your plane and run away to the place where you wake up every morning when you want to, because its nice and quiet, and the only "noise" is dogs barking for their morning meal.


Then someone puts perfect rainwater on the stove and boils it for three whole minutes, just in case, and then pours it over some Folger's coffee.

six star

And even though you don't drink camp coffee, you wouldn't wake up without that telltale smell and cool crisp air from a fire well past its burn.

girls dean

The simple life that includes fluffy blueberry sourdough hotcakes sizzling on the stove in a cast iron skillet, because that's the only way to make them. Kids sleepy eyed coming out of their sleeping bags like yearling bears coming out of hibernation smelling coffee and hotcakes and bacon or spam.

star putuguk

The life where after breakfast, you don't mind doing the dishes, because it's not rushed and you can take your time looking out the picture window at the waves rolling and crashing on the beach as my kids tease them and get their toes wet in anticipation of the next big wave.

stars on corner

The willows turning yellow slowly and the squirrels chirping while the wind blows the smell of tundra into the house. Pretty soon, you wish there were more dishes to do because it is so peaceful sitting at the kitchen table with your rain water dishpans washing, drying and wiping clean.

girls in water

The life where you choose what you're going to do each day based on how the berries are doing, or if its sunny, or if the caribou are fat, or how many fish are in the net, or if you just want to play on the beach with the kids again and find rocks/shells/starfish.

plain star

The life where you eat what you caught/picked that day for dinner, and hopefully your 13 year old son and his 13 year old cousin caught some ducks so we can actually EAT dinner that doesn't include spam, or cup-o-noodles. And then as they are walking back home you breathe a sigh of relief because he showed up with three ducks and plopped them on the table, without saying a word, then starts cutting wood, cause its getting kind of chilly in the evenings.

how many stars

I want to live the life where after dinner, you sip on your hot tang and haul more rain water into the Sauna where your husband has made it nice and steamy in anticipation of your coming in to relax. Then you sit in there and think of absolutely nothing while your pores sweat away the City toxins. And your mind clears away the bad juju.

three stars

And when you go to bed, the simple life allows you to dictate your bedtime based on if you can get your gas lantern to work or how dark it is with candlelight while your kids read Archie comics and you stare at them because that's what you used to do when you were a kid, and it was the best life ever.

clara stars

And it still is. Between Friday and Sunday anyway.


Sabrina said...

Awesome! We live a pretty simple life here too, we don't jet-set around the world, or run the rat race. It's wonderful just being with the kids and watching them enjoy riding bikes and learning about plants and tying knots. Awesome! Love the starfish, we don't have those here...

Julia said...

Sounds like heaven!

Anonymous said...

awe thanks for the throwback. Our near future plans with the cabin at Katuraq & the plane parked outside. Someday . That was so realxing to read,I almost fell asleep dreaming about it.

merinz said...

What a fabulous 'word picture' you created for us!

gpc said...

Wonderful (sigh)

Heather said...

I want that life too! i have to live it vicariously through you, however. Thanks for letting me do that!
PS I thought my family was the only one that ever drank hot Tang! I haven't had it in years, but as soon as it gets cold enough here, I will again! We're still suffering through 90 degree 70% humidity days, however. UGH!

your sister, Lorraine said...

ahh the thrill of a flybye.... love it! Looks different when the plane has!! love you guys!