Monday, August 16, 2010

"I'm a little bit nervous..."

Unusually quiet. That would explain my daughter this morning. Usually, she's a rambunctious, smarty pants, wiggly little girl. This morning, I chalked it up to being tired, because they had to get up much earlier than they did all summer.


Because it's the first day of school here. My baby is in SECOND grade. Turns out, she was nervous because she is in the Second/Third split class. And she was scared because there are third graders in there. One of whom has the same birthday as her, one year earlier!


The district lost another teacher position this year, and "based on demographics, we used a scientific method to determine which class would benefit the most out of this split grade level." And it was the second and third grade. So, while other grade levels have three teachers each, the second grade has two, the third grade has two and there is one Second/Third grade class.

After seven seconds in her classroom though, she was fine. She's flanked by two of her previous classmates.


The twins are in Middle School this year, and their school doesn't begin until next week. So they have a week still to prepare themselves!


And Koy, he's a freshman in high school. You could probably use Kaisa's quote as mine as well. I can't get all motherly and clingy but HIGH SCHOOL!? I won't say I feel old, cause I don't really. But I feel something unexplainable. High school. Sigh...



Sherri B. said...

Oh my, High School?! I can only tell you it goes really fast..One day they are Freshmen and the next they have on the cap and gown. Believe me, I've done it three times.

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

You know something, I was in a split second / third grade class when I was in school. It was a little scary! I bet she will have a great time! Happy school!

Dorice said...

The split class could actually work to her advantage since she is in the 2nd grade part of it. She'll pick up on and learn more because of this split class.

Meathead said...

When my son started 3rd grade, he was nervous because he was in a 3/4 split. I asked him what the big deal was. He said, "You don't understand! The kids in 4th grade are just so BIG!!" lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted you to know I've been reading your blog since I had an allergic reaction to something, ran google, and found your entries about your drug reaction. OUCH. That looked so rough, but I loved your attitude about it come Halloween. I hope you're all better from that now?

I am enjoying reading your other entries and catching up. This one about blueberries is something I can relate to, as I used to pick blueberries and raspberries in the wild in Pennsylvania when I was growing up... And this summer, I was in Canada and every day we were eating fresh blueberries. Now back in California, and we're eating MORE. I will turn blue from this, but it is SO good.

I look forward to more entries about your life, which is different from most people in continental US as you have pointed out yourself... Most Americans are not commuting to work by plane, or teaching their kids how to hunt and prepare seal meat. (How does it taste, btw, and do you only dry it, or do you cook it?)

Thanks for sharing part of your day here.