Sunday, August 22, 2010

Can I just say...

That I never got nervous before "the big game..." Who am I kidding? I don't usually get nervous about anything really. It's just a game, or a run, or a day.

But today. I was throw-uppy, teary eyed, and frog throated. Ugh. I don't even know what to say.

koy comes

Today I watched my 13 year old son run in a high school 5K for Cross Country Running at Bartlett High. It sort of brought back wonderful memories of (when I was skinny) high school and running at Kincaid/Nome/Kiana, and yes, even Elim! :)


I couldn't even yell, I was tearing up. It was sort of hilarious in a, "what the hell is wrong with me?" sort of way. I can't even imagine being my Aunt Lulu...cause my cousin Jani won the race.


Jani is a Senior at Service this year. He won the 5K Cross Country run in (unofficially) 15:55. Like fifteen minutes. Or, in non-runner terms, EFFING FAST. And this is no, Idaho Cross Country track on grass and pavement with no hills. Our cross country runs are full of tree jumping, hills and dirt. And the further north you get, the more puddle jumping you get, and if you run WAAAY up here, its tundra running!

Anyway, I choked up as we waited to see the lemon yellow of the Kotzebue Huskies uniforms at the end of the Freshmen Boys race. I wasn't expecting to see Koy in front. I didn't even expect him to be in the middle. And I certainly didn't expect to watch him run gracefully around the last leg as quickly as he did and pass three other kids.

koy goes

I mean to yell, "There's a Husky!" when we saw him, but what came out of my mouth was sort of a choked up version of, "Is that my son...?" I was in awe watching the little boy I raised as a single mother. The boy who cut his lip so many times the doctors stopped stitching it and just started gluing it "until the next time." The boy who takes his gun out to get some ducks, ptarmigan, geese, etc. all on his own. The boy who watched "A bugs wife" so many times that we had to get another VCR tape of it.

Yes, his whole life flashed before my eyes while I watched the last leg of the race. My sister was with me and telling me to "calm the heck down," cause it was just a race and he's only 13!

koy and tim
What the heck? Boys didn't look like this when I was a freshman!

I gotta stop being such a wuss and start being tough! In the middle of me screaming, "GO KOY! COME ON KOY! DIG KOY!!!" of course! :)


Jemal said...

More photos of the Bartlett Relays at

I've been gone from Kotzebue for three and a half years. While I wasn't looking, those kids grew two feet taller! I'm getting out of touch. But it was great to see them there running. I just wish all those city kids could have the chance to run one of Kotzebue's seriously gnarly cross country courses. - James Mason, Anchorage

Sabrina said...

Awesome! My son started first grade today. I am a puddle of tears and emotion right now...seems like I was just carrying him inside me yesterday, and flash, he's 6 and in all day school-without me. :-(