Friday, August 13, 2010

"Let's write a letter to heaven!"

Clara and Kaisa are BFF's. They're first cousins, who grow up not quite-sisters, but closer than cousins. Best Friends. Clara was born in late summer 2001. Kaisa in early Spring 2003. Almost two years apart, but they still love to hang out together. Hopefully this will last forever.

Girls and balloons

I took them both to get their sports physicals recently and they giggled and laughed their way through with each other. Holding hands, reading, eating apples. When the nurse told them Kaisa was "two centimeters taller than Clara," Clara said, "That's OK I'm heavier than her and I have big teeth!" And then, they giggled it off like it was the funniest thing they've EVER heard!

Here is their latest "idea!"


Kaisa, "Let's write letters to heaven!"
Clara, "OK I want to say HI to God!"


C: "I'll write to Papa Max too, since he's missing the summer again."

dear papa max

C's Balloon: "Dear God and Papa Max, I love you Gies. Love, Clara Dawn."

kaisas turn

K: "Hurry up Clara, its my turn!"
C: "Wait, you can't rush letters to GOD Kaisa!"
K: "Oh yeah, he might be watching us!"
C: "He's always watching us!"
K: "Yeah, like my mom, she has eyes on the back of her head..."
C: "but her hair is covering them!"
(Commence giggling)

kaisa baloon

K: "I need two balloons."
C: "You don't need two balloons, you write too much!"
K's Balloon: "TO: Papa Max. I Hope you Love heaven. I miss you lots. God, I miss you too. Love, Kaisa"

C: "You can't miss God! You've never seen Him!"
K: "I saw him in a book once! And one time, I dreamed about Him."
C: "You always saglu!" (Saglu=lie)
K: "Huh Uh!!! I did, right mom?!"
Mom: "No comment."

deans turn

K: "Let's bring one to Deanie Weenie so he can write one to his dad too."

baily too

C: "I'm going to write one to Bailey!"
(Bailey is Dean's "Veteran" Duck dog who passed away this spring.)


C: "I wonder if they'll get them up there..."

see ya

K: "Duh. They will. I wonder how far up Heaven is..."
C: "When we can't see the balloons that means God got them."
K: "Oh."

lets jump and let some go

K: "I bet if we jump on the trampoline, they'll get them faster!"
C: "Yeah, cause we will THROW them up there!"
(Commence giggling)

Bye Balloons

C: "Man, I hope they get our letters."
K: "Let's go get an apple. I can't stare at the clouds anymore..."

The end.


scarfoot79 said...

I love the colors in these pictures. What a sweet post and sweet girls!

Sherri B. said...

Children are so innocent and precious.

Doin' It Myself said...

You could make a kids book out of that.
That was infinitely awesome!

Mary Lynn said...

i just love how those girls did that. its so cute.

Anonymous said...

this was very touching! I'm sure Papa Max and Bailey were grateful for the balloons! Love you all~ auntie Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Those are two of the MOST awesome girls, ever! They're convo's are just too cool, and random!!

tarichuck said...

Made me smile. Thank you.

Stephanie said...

So beautiful! The sweet, sweet innocence of childhood.

jan said...

love this post -- absolutely love it! - so beautiful and innocent!

Sabrina said...

Positively sweet! I love that they're so close. I had cousins close to my age, but they tortured me and treated me like garbage because I was a step-cousin, not a "real cousin". I want better for my kids. I just love that they wrote letters to heaven, it's precious!

Arvay said...

Sweetest. Post. Evar.

Kris Sampson said...

Maija, I stumbled onto your blog and am now amazed at how quickly an hour passed since I first started reading it. This one was definitely grin-ear-to-ear material. :0) I love the absolute...ness(?) of little kids' ideas.