Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Asraivik mean's blueberries. (ush-RAY-vick) Kotzebue coastal dialect

berries again

And this year, we have an abundance of them. Chalk it up to crappy blueberry years prior. Maybe they follow the rabbit population. Last spring we had so many rabbits, that they were making dens in our bushes in the yard!


kyle raspberries

Literally you can drive out on Ted Steven's Way and park your car off the side. Walk about fifteen feet and step on thousands of blueberries.

holy berries

Our berries are the bog blueberry type. Much sweeter and smaller than commercial blueberries. I've never tasted anything better than Tundra Blueberries. And coincidentally, when I was in Finland a few years ago at the same latitude, the exact same blueberries exist! I was amazed and happy to find an after-dinner snack!

kids picking

We go after work, during lunch and all times in between. We take kids, don't take kids, force our husbands to go out, etc. It's just a short ride away, and since there are so many, there is really no excuse not to have any this year. Well, maybe you just had a baby and you're tired, that's a good excuse though. And maybe you can't walk. But other than that, NO EXCUSE!


In addition to the MILLIONS (yes, I changed the number) of blue's out there, there is an abundance of wild raspberries as well. They are really good. I mean, I can't even explain it. They just burst your taste buds with flavor and dang all that work digging in the willows is well worth it for a handful of those. The kids work hard looking for them and eat while they pick.

berreis in a bucket

Add a few aqpiks to the mix and you have yourself a wonderful "night dessert" as my kids call it. As for me, I like to hoard my blueberries and eat them quietly remembering my youth at Sisualik. Yelling at Josie and Grover because they are "STEALING FROM MY PATCH!" Or eating Hotcakes hot off the cast iron skillet, freckled with blues during this time only. Ahhh.... Asraivik. Taikuu for being SOO GOOD!


Brittany and co. said...

MMM, I agree, tundra blueberries are the best. Loved them growing up in Bristol Bay. We are moving to Kotz soon and I am enjoying peeking on you blog, thank you for posting.

Arvay said...


gpc said...

They look delicious -- I have never had a tundra blueberry (although I've had the jam), and I would love to taste a cloudberry one of these days!

HOA Mgr Lady said...

you aren't making jelly or jam? no frozen berries for the long cold nights? No frozen berries, for the long cold days? No jelly for a contest?

ls57 said...

What are the red berries with leaves that look like strawberries? I found a few of those up at Hatcher Pass, among the blueberries (blueberries not as pretty as yours though!). this is our first full year here, so I haven't learned all the berries yet.

Jennifer Montero said...

Of all the bounties and harvests I've seen on other blogs, I envy yours the most. We have blackberries, sloes, and wild plums here but I would give my right arm for a blueberry patch.

I really enjoy reading about your life up there.

deb said...

Yummy, those are the best blueberries ever..lucky you got to pick lots of them in a bunch!