Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax day.

I hate tax day. I am so glad not to have been born today! EVEN though the government owes me money, I just have a strange aversion to doing my taxes! So...needless to say, I haven't done them.


I PLANNED to go home, have a glass of wine and do them last night. But, instead of that, I went for not one, but TWO walks! One with my friend Kari, and one with the girls, who were super excited to ride their bikes, but desperately needed air in their tires. And the dog is getting fatter than we are, and needed a walk too.

girls air

AND, when I finally DID get home. I decided that I wanted to make a pair of Finnish colored baby booties for Rea. So, I did that instead.

bottom boot

AND, after that I watched Idol, and my DVR'd Martha Stewart. Then, I had just enough time to read about twenty pages of "House Rules" and I went to sleep.


I'm getting in trouble aren't I? Sigh...oh well, I guess I can file and extension due to procrastination. I wonder if I can play the Eskimo-in-the-arctic card? Oh well. I guess you have to do what you have to do right?!

riding bikes

Anyway, the booties, turned out awesome. I think I'll purchase some more thinner leather, and sew some on a sewing machine rather then hand sewing them though, cause it'll solve the time problem. And maybe I'll get something done!?

a pair of booties

Other than sewing I mean.


The Amazing Trips said...

The booties did turn out awesome, and I'm totally impressed watching your kids ride their bikes in the snow. Yowzer - that takes good balance not to skid out of control!!

So, I asked on Michele's blog for you to post the nastiest thing you've ever seen and thus far, you haven't responded. I'm suspecting you didn't see my question.

But seriously, I'm anxious to know. You've been witness to some CRAZY stuff, I just want to know how far the people in the great white north will really go when it comes to their food.

BECAUSE - when we come visit the Arctic - I need to know just how much food we'll need to pack. :)

Finnskimo said...

You'll need to pack anything you want fresh...unless you're up to eating our version of "fresh!" ;)

I'll be waiting!

gpc said...

your work is, as always, amazing.