Saturday, April 17, 2010


Sometimes I like having internet "friends" better than I like my regular friends. Oh, come know who you are! I mean, my internet friends can't get mad at me, and I can pretty much say whatever I want to them, on their blogs...and the worst they can be is to delete my comment. My regular friends have to just listen to me put my foot in my mouth! ;)

Noodle 4-16

And that has nothing to do with my post. Neither does Rea's photo up there, but I couldn't stop myself. She's here visiting me, and oh so precious... Awe.

But, one of the ladies blogs I read every day is Jen from The Amazing Trips (my html link thing hates me, so if you want to check her out, just look over there ---> at my blog list and click through there...sorry) and she could be my long lost sister. OK let me give you reasons. One...she could never live near me. Isn't that the number one proof you could be sisters. You love each other but could never live near each other? (Because she hates the cold, and pretty much couldn't handle the food we eat!) Two...she has plenty of kids. Four. All under age six. That's Eskimo man. Three...she LOVES REI, and pretty much thinks camping is the shizzle. And what do we do for like three months out of the year? CAMP! Four...she could totally work at Red Dog, but she doesn't...she works for some oil company as a geologist. (I think.) Five...I'm trying to convince her to add Kotzebue to her "list." Sisters like to manipulate each other through the internet. See Jen!?

rolla colors

OK, anyway, a few weeks ago, or maybe last week, I can't remember. She posted a link to the Rolla Roaster and I just could not help but buy not one...not two...and certainly NOT three, but FOUR Rolla Roasters for my family for the summer. I mean, seriously, how can you NOT buy them. In the summertime up in Northern Alaska, the two food groups are Hot Dogs, and Marshmallows. And pretty much NOTHING ELSE. (Again, stupid HTML link page. UGh. Just go to rollaroaster dot com and you'll be golden!)

rolla roaster

And, AND, AND, we don't have trees, so in order to get a perfect roasting stick we have to trudge through million mosquito infested willows and chop off a branch, THEN hope it doesn't fall into the fire. THE ROLLA ROASTER ROTATES. Like as in...your hotdog/marshmallow will cook EVENLY, and you don't have to stick a half charred, half cold dog on a bun after swimming in the Chukchi Sea!


How great is that!??? Seriously. What would I do without these ladies!!?

clara rolla

OK, everyone go out and get a few. The girls decided that ours would be divvied up like this: Brown, Dean and Koy. Green, Max and Cotrane. Purple, Maija and Maddisen. Pink, Clara and Kaisa.

Holla! (Rolla! hehe couldn't help myself!)


Sabrina said...

my husband's parents have some of those. We're getting them because the ones I got at Wal Mart are a little short for my 3 yr old to use. Thanks! ;-)

Rocksee said...

Hello friend! I haven't checked in in awhile and said hello! But I just wanted to say I've kept up reading! Hope you are well!

The Amazing Trips said...


Sometimes when I write things I'll wonder, "Who in the WORLD could this ever possibly help??" And then I see something like this post and I feel completely validated for all those times I jot down the trivial little things that we use and love.

I can't believe you got them already. It took - what - six weeks for the cookies I shipped to arrive, but Rolla Roasters were there in a few days?!?!

What's up with that?!

Anyway - we're totally coming to Alaska one day. My kids know ALL about the arctic (except the whole thing about eating partially formed seagulls, that might ward them off forever) and can't wait to get there. Get the igloo ready!! :)

kelsey said...

ugh! They do not ship outside the continental US! There's a new blog topic for you: Discrimination of Alaskans. We are part of the US too!