Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to me.

So, among other things I got for my birthday over 100 shii-fish that I didn't have to cut up, was strep throat.

Sucky suckington. I am in pain, and sore, and pretty much staring out the window at my sledload of fish. My husband, since it was my birthday yesterday, cut up ALL the fish.

They range in size from about 20 lbs to about 40 lbs. I'll post pics when Dean gets home from the village he went to today.

Yeah, my husband commutes to the surrounding villages almost every day by plane. Anyway, he took the camera that shows what we caught yesterday. Which, including all that fish, was also a mildly irritating sunburn.

Yes, we get sunburn ice fishing. Bad sunburn. We call it "Eskimo tan" because its sort of an inverse raccoon eye tan. The only normal skin left is where your enormous sunglasses shielded you from the double jeopardy of white hot ice, and the blazing sun.

Anyway, yesterday morning we started off with sourdough hotcakes, sausage and fresh Tundra Chicks eggs, then got ALL the kids ready and headed out to steak our claim on Pipe Spit. Seriously, we had a village. There were about twenty or so people out there.

Most people (Ahem, chris, shayne) got bored and left before the "big hit" came around seven or so. THEN we just could NOT stop catching fish.

Of course, Gage was still with us, and had to go home, and my throat burned worse than my Eskimo Tan, so I took him home on a 4-wheeler. I told my husband that for my birthday, I don't want to cut any fish. Seeing as though we caught well over a hundred, that was a HUGE present. They all needed to be either filleted, or be-headed and gutted at the very least.

Today...I'm suffering. I have aloe for my face, and chloraseptic for my throat. But, dang does that whole sled load look GOOD. :)

Here's to another year of fun.

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