Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Martha Stewart and Groceries

That Martha Stewart. Such a thief. I totally made a rainbow cake before she "debuted" it on her show today. I am so irked.

I had seen on another blogger's site a 16 layer cake, and took off on that idea to use rainbow colors when I made Kaisa's cake. So, I completely think I was the inventor of the awesomeness that is a rainbow cake.

Good thing I'm sick, cause I wouldn't have seen Ms. Stewart steal my idea! I expect benefits and royalties! Like a piece on your show MARTHA!!!

pantry before

OK, anyway, I ORIGINALLY thought I'd talk about the TONS and TONS of groceries that I ordered from My Harvest America. They are ALL finally in. After five long, starving weeks, ALL my non-perishable groceries came in.

I totally feel like Old Mother Hubbard, who went to her cupboard, and I swear to you on all things holy, it was BARE! (or at least it was sort of messy!)

pantry after

And let me tell you, It was WELL WORTH THE WAIT! Seriously, groceries are like more precious than Gold up here. A gallon of milk is over ten bucks after taxes, and a dozen grody eggs is almost five. Don't even get me started on kid snacks. I mean, I'd save money importing an orange tree from Florida and growing it in the middle of my living room.

But now that I have GREAT HARVEST AMERICA, I can just order canned Mandarin oranges!!! Yay. My kids are giddy with delight because its no more ziplock bags of bulk cheez-its for them!


If you visit my site (YES, I totally signed up man, to YOUR benefit, and mine!) www.myharvestamerica.com/finnskimo and click Shopper Login, then use my username: finnskimo and password: winter, you too can get the dirt ass cheapest groceries you've EVER seen. Yes, even those of you who pay a buck twenty five for milk, you will see CHEAP prices and better yet, FREE SHIPPING!


So, AAAALLLL the groceries I bought came out to almost $350, which, by the way, would be less than ONE cart here in Kotzebue at the Store-that-will-remain-unnamed. (COUGH, AC, COUGH). And even though they don't offer any perishables, that's OK, because the money we save on Toilet Paper, Paper towels, Laundry soap, and Capri-Sun (a DOLLAR NINTY FOUR MAN!), we can use for FRESH monopolized MILK! (AND DUDE, if you're a baker, I got TWO - 25 lb bags of flour for sixteen bucks TOTAL!) (AND DUDE, if you're a coffee drinker, I got the bulk-sized Hills Bros for FIVE BUCKS A CAN!) (And DUDE...its just so awesome, you have to check it out!)

Get this, I put up SEVERAL signs over at the "community board" at the AC store here and ALL MY SIGNS mysteriously disappeared less than an hour after hanging up. Seriously, I put up at least five different posters showing the AWESOMENESS that is GREAT HARVEST AMERICA.


And even better? I signed up, so now YOU can save too. Feel free to use my username, password, but make sure you use your own credit card and shipping address! ha.

me the big cheez

And enjoy your cheez-its as much as I do! :) (EVERY time I go fishing!)


Tam said...

Dang Martha!! I totally loved the rainbow cake & showed it to my 5 year old son....who wants it for his next birthday.
Thanks for the tip on great harvest america. i'll check it out even though I'm in Anchorage.
let me know if you need anything ~ I can alway ship it out via Grant Air or Northern Air Cargo ~! Seriously! Tam
ps~ I want to see the picture of the "catch of the day."

Doin' It Myself said...

Ok... Mind giving me a lil more info on how this works, pretty please? I've noticed that they're kind of close-lipped on the site about how ALL of it WORKS! After having seen your stack of groceries there... Um... I'm thinking big fat YES!!! Cuz let's face it, $350 might get you a full cart at Fred Meyers here in the Valley, maybe two... But for that kind of money... on non-perishables... ohhhhhh yeah!

Finnskimo said...

Ok, you go to the site, sign in and place things in your cart, then go in and change the quantity when you're ready.

But, MAKE sure you print out a copy of your confirmation email, that will show your order number and AAALLL the greatness you ordered. That's how I made SURE I was still getting what I paid for.

It takes like five weeks to get to Kotzebue, but maybe just four to get to the Valley, and probably less if you weren't in Alaska...other than that, if you want to sign up yourself, you can do that too, its $29 a month, but you get some seriously awesome deals on other things like dishwashers and furniture, and its still all FREE shipping.


Doin' It Myself said...

Ok. I must be the blondest, dumbest... *sniffles* I can't seem to make it go. LOLOLOL. and it sounds like I'm 6, not the uber cool ripe old age of... whatever... Nevermind. I'm not telling. LOL. Anyway, Will definitely check it out! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've been a reader for a while, but have never commented. I took you up on the groceries(also live in rural Alaska), I had fun looking at all the awesome prices. I had trouble checking out, hopefully I didn't hold up others orders. I'm going to look on the site again today. Thanks for leading me to the site.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me if you google "rainbow cake" is gives you more then enough pages for you to choose from. It's hard for me to believe you invented the "rainbow cake". Oh well, a little crediting ourselves never hurts.