Monday, February 1, 2010

My husband likes to fight...

He fights every Sunday. And the opponent usually wins.

Although, he does hold his own. And we do end up eating the opponent, its still a fight. Judging by the looks of things right now, I'd say, the cornstarch is up, two to zip.

Sunday's for us, if we're not at camp, mean a day of laziness. For real, I did read TWO books yesterday, and finished a seal skin hat (but I only had to sew the velcro straps on) and ate. That was pretty much it. I think I got up around 3-ish and went to the bathroom, maybe. Oh, nevermind, I went to the store and got butter and milk.

Dean on the other hand, has a fight with the kitchen on Sundays. He always makes brunch. Since the Superbowl is coming up, and the Food Network always has great Superbowl recipes, he decided to make hot wings. From scratch.

And he doesn't like to follow directions either (shame if you try to tell him what to do!) so his recipes are always super awesome, but can NEVER be duplicated. So, me, being the coolest wife EVER, !!!! (right honey!?) started writing things down for him. You know, so I could totally use them in MY cookbook someday. ( :) ) Anyway, his wings were the greatest hot wings I've EVER had. Even though mine weren't hot. You see, he loves me, so he made me my own special plate, with his own special honey-soy-Tabasco-garlic-something sauce, so my mouth wouldn't burn to oblivion with actual HOT wings!

We even dug out the Fry Daddy (or baby, or whatever we received as a wedding present from J&D, THANKS!) and some oil. (And we would have used Peanut Oil, but I don't think the store in Kotzebue even KNOWS what Peanut oil is, so we use Vegetable oil.)

The first batch was pretty good, but dang, when he started dredging the wings in cornstarch right before putting them in the fryer, HOLY CRAP it was GOOD!

I totally didn't want to be outdone (again) so I made a batch of Pico De Gallo to go with our brunch. We finished EVERY SINGLE one of those wings, and only half the Pico. Bummer.

Judging by the looks of the clothing Chef Dean finished with though, I'd say that possibly this round was a tie.

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