Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tea Time...

*YAY Photo's!

I like Coffee as much as any other person does. Probably not as much as the "camp boys" like their coffe...maybe not as much as my MIL likes coffee, but I like me a cuppa joe in the long as it has some caramel syrup and frothed milk added.

But what I really, REALLY love is tea. I LOVE ginger lemon tea (homemade) with a plop of honey in it. I LOVE Tazo passionfruit tea, and I absolutely LOVE tundra tea...Saiyuu. (say-you)

It may be a surprise, but Tea is the second most consumed drink in the entire world, second only to WATER. If you combine the worlds consumption of coffee, soft drinks AND alcohol, tea would still be number two. (Don't tell the people in Vegas though!) (It's almost like Alaska...cut it in two, and it would STILL be the largest 1st and 2nd states in the Union!)

I don't exactly know why, and I don't want to check my University of Choice for the reason, but I do know that Tea is known traditionally for its health benefits. I know tundra tea is known for its calming effects it has on ones stomach and nerves.

It should come as no surprise then, when Tupperware came out with a glass teapot and Blooming Teas, I'd purchase TWO well as all the other teas, Madagascar Spice, Lemongrass and Green Tea.

I think I had HEARD about the blooming teas, but I had never actually seen them in action before. Prior to this, we simply boiled water, and poured it into a cup with whatever tea of choice we had.

So, my daughter and I dropped one of the Sweet Jasmine pods (Lily and Jasmine Flower blossoms on top a bed of Green Tea leaves) into the pot and poured boiling water on it. Let me tell you, it was like watching the bloom of a rare exotic flower in the water...and OH, the SMELL. Wow.

It'll be the best, most calming five minutes of your life! If you can stand all the questions, "why is it doing that?" "Did you see that flower?" "Can we try it yet?!"

It was well worth the wait...and the questions!


Lisa said...

Sounds divine! We love tea around here and drink several gallons a week. We don't drink sodas at all, so that's my son's drink of choice. So you ordered the teapot from Avon? Recently?

Finnskimo said...

From Tupperware...its a Tupperliving Blooming Teapot, and we ordered the Simple Indulgence Blooming Green Tea Sampler too. Aaahhh... I just found Cold Brew tea bags! Heaven.

gpc said...

I've heard about the tea blooms but have never seen one. It sounds wonderful.