Friday, February 12, 2010

Like D-day for parents...


That's what we call it. There are SOOO many cute things you can make/bake/craft for Valentine's day, but the real reason we call it V-day is because we find out, as parents...who our kids like.


"I'm gonna make a special one, just for _____."

"Mom, do you have any sprinkles for ____'s Card?!" (Sprinkles=glitter)

"If I write I <3 U, do you think he will heart me too?!"

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Since my wings were cut (my husband quit at Alaska Airlines), I haven't much had the enjoyment of going to Wal-mart for some heart pencils and notepads for a dollar, so now, we have to make everything. Sure, I could have totally bought Valentine's Day cards from the AC, but then everyone would have the SAME cards...and who wants that?!

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So, instead...between work, Saladmaster dinner, a basketball game and baking cookies for the classes, we made 40 handmade Valentine's with short encouraging words like, "You R Smart!" "You R my friend." "You R cool!" among the regular V-day themed ones like, "Be mine," and "I like you!"

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Since my mom also works at the school and it was only 10:30 p.m. we were really on a roll, they also made special one's for my mom, Dean's mom and their teachers. (I let them sleep until after 8:00 a.m. this morning...and tonight, they're going to bed at 8:00!!!)

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This morning...I woke up and started melting chocolate for Chocolate Covered Strawberries, cause you know, we have to send something HEALTHY for a school treat. Besides the low-fat, low-sugar cookies (yeah right) what's better than low-something Chocolate smothered over strawberries...on sale to boot!

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Clara - 8, Kaisa - 6

I only have to worry about one (two with Clara) kid though. My son is on a school trip. Lucky for him, they traveled in a 1900, which has 17 seats and a twin turbine engine (pilot's feel free to correct me!) rather than the usual 9 seater, single-prop caravan they usually use to get to Point Hope for a basketball tournament. So, no Valentine's for him. Yay. But, I wonder though, middle school boys and girls together on Valentine's weekend. Hmmm... That's OK, I told my son that every SINGLE person in his school was his cousin. The Whites, Blacks, Asians, Indians, and Eskimo's. EVERYONE. I totally made him believe it too! It's easy to believe though, since I have just about 72 first-cousins. (whew...THANK YOU Aana and Tatta for having SOOO many siblings who had 10 or more kids!)

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My husband and son are gone until Sunday, and my sister is on her way to Vegas, so its just me and the daughter and niece, Clara, this weekend. Sounds like a perfect weekend to watch girly movies and play with makeup. The girls were SO excited to go to school this morning, their lack of sleep didn't deter them from bounding out of bed to rush and get ready. They had Valentine's, Treats and most importantly, their BRAND new outfits from Grandma! Clara mentioned to Kaisa, "Man, it woulda been perfect if we got to curl our hair huh?!"

I'm thinking more like, "Man, it woulda been perfect if we didn't make such a mess last night and a clean-up fairy would make my house clean for the weekend!"

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Happy Valentine's Party Day!


Anonymous said...

I love this post!! Everyone looks like they had a great time creating!! And those cookies.. giiiiiiiiiirlll! Martha Stew couldn't have done better!

Sabrina said...

Adorable! We're not allowed to make baked goods and bring them to school anymore. Every piece of food that I bring in for parties must be store-bough and store-packaged. Apparently there was a huge influx in kids with food allergies while I was sleeping - WTH? Anyway, it ruins just about all the fun of the holidays for my son's class parties. Boo :-(