Friday, February 19, 2010

Well, I know some Huskies...

And I think they're if you keep the'll never be BEAT!

Look at her...isn't she just beautiful?!

The Kotzebue Huskies are my alma mater... my mom's and both my sisters too. Though I never did get to be a cheerleader (LIKE I WANTED SO DESPERATELY TO), I did play basketball. I think I was part of the team that won regional's my freshman year, and then we got blown out by the Nanooks and the Wolverine's after that!

LET'S go Huskies!

Maybe cause we didn't have anyone specifically TALL on our team! Or maybe it was just cause they were better than us!

I remember not being too interested in playing basketball. I just wanted to CHEER so badly. My mom forced me to play ball. But as many chances as I got, I was in the mascot uniform and I still don't know anyone who can do a cartwheel-front handspring and land in a split with a heavy, stinky Husky suit on except me! (P.S. I can STILL do the splits!)

Whoot whew!

Every time I see cheerleaders, it brings me back to the "what if" days. What if my mom let me cheer. What if I didn't play ball... What if I hadn't run as far away as possible after high school and never called then showed back up a few years later, married and with a baby. Oh...oops, did I say that out loud? Anyway...What if?

I took a lot of photos that looked like this. Thanks guys.

Ok, nevermind. Let's talk about the CURRENT cheerleaders!! They. ARE. AWESOME. And I mean that in the most endearing way to my former cheerleaders (I love you becky, missa, pauline, gorgina, meleri, chelsi, etc.) (OMG, don't let me forget anyone!). But these girls...they ROCK.

Rock, Rock, Steady Steady, You're team ain't even ready!

Denali and Hannah, A-W-E-S.O.M.E!

They have the entire package. Peppy, BEAUTIFUL, technical, and there are a WHOLE lot of them. I mean, their beautiful pregnant coach might have something to do with how great they are too! hehe... I love watching them cheer. They are exactly what a cheer squad should look like. (P.S. if you were a former KHS cheerleader, you were good too, but we're talking about these girls right now, ok?!) Shame on those who say they are too peppy. I mean, when Lainey Beaver and Christina Fields (both Kotzebue girls playing for Mt. Edgecumbe) are ripping up the Basketball court and beating the crud out of the Huskies, and the cheerleaders STILL yell and scream for "KHS, can you dig it?" then you KNOW they LOVE THEIR TEAM! And that's what its all about.

Lainey Beaver, she had some crazy amount of points...something like 30! (I'm probably wrong, but dude. She killed us.)

Oh, and they also happen to be the #1 TOP OF THE WORLD Cheer Squad in the whole WORLD! OK, maybe not the world, but that sounds great don't you think?! Maybe the best in Alaska at least, according to their HUGE trophy and super bright halogen smiles.

She is SO pretty...(and I'm not biased because my daughter looks just like her!)

Keep up the good work girls. And ROCK MY WORLD! Great coaching.


Trish said...

Okay, so I read this in Sunday and then yesterday when i was subbing at the high school here a couple of the cheerleaders in one of my classes were talking about the Kotzebue cheerleaders! It went something like this:

"oh my gawd, you guys should see the Kotz cheerleaders. They are sooo good. Their cheers rock and the girls nail the cheers everytime."

I kid you not! They're talking about Kotz'z cheerleaders here in Dillingham!

Trish said...

Who is that girl in the bottom picture? She looks exactly like Elsa!

Finnskimo said...

haha, that's Keolani, my daughters other auntie.

See, I told you she was pretty!

Unknown said...

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