Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sham WOW!

When you're incapacitated and have nothing to do, you watch TV. That and hang out with the great friends who come over to do twelve loads of laundry and organize your plethora of spices in the kitchen.

Man, I hope I can find the pumpkin pie spice when I need it!

I like to sew. A lot. I especially like to sew when I have a lot of time to sit down. It's a good thing I have a lot of time to sit down and sew this week, seeing as though I'm cripple and don't know how to use crutches.

Yesterday, my son and his good friend went out with their "uncle" to go seal hunting. When they brought the photos back, I thought to myself, "Holy cow...did it just get winter since I been in the house?!" (I totally think that way, in that same grammatically incorrect way!)

OK, so my story...I finally decided that as long as I was confined to sitting all day long, I may as well do something constructive while my AWESOME friends cleaned my house. Did I mention they were AWESOME!? So, I took out my scrap pile of skins and fussed around, and made a pattern for my cousin's baby. I had noticed another baby wearing this pattern, and thought it looked nice, so I wanted to try it out.

I then asked my friend if she could grab me some felt from my "fabric pile" in Koy's closet. (I seriously have about seven totes full of fabric of all sorts, fleece, flannel, felt, cotton, etc.)

She happily obliged. Asking from the bedroom if the mukluks were for a girl or boy, I told her a girl, but any color felt would do.

Changing the laundry, AGAIN, she came back with a great pile of yellow/orange "felt" that I thought was really nice. Since it was all cut in a square already. Awesome, I must have totally cut it to sizes so I wouldn't have to worry about it later. :) I am such a good sewer!

I continued on, sewing away, while my friends laughed and visited together.

You sew the felt in between the skins, so when you turn the mukluks inside out, you have not only a decorative trim, but if your stitches were off, no one can tell. The felt hides your mistakes!

Until I noticed that I had sewed an "M" into the side of the mukluk. An M?! I wondered what that was all about, so I checked my "felt" and noticed it said, "Made in Germany" across it.

I then started to wonder, "why would my awesome square felt be made in Germany?!"

Then it hit me... SHAM-WOW!

I laughed so hard, I nearly peed my cripple self. Everyone wondered what was going on...and finally I was able to relay to them that I was sewing a pair of baby mukluks with SHAM-WOW trim!

These will be the most absorbent mukluks EVER MADE!

he he he....


Lisa said...

Ok, now that had me laughing like crazy! My kids are looking at me like I've lost it.

gpc said...

Those are adorable, you really are a wonderful sewer! I'm glad that being forced off your feet had some advantages!

Sabrina said...

That's great! I don't know how they work as a shammy, but they are adorable in mukluks! My daughter could really use some like that...winter is nasty here in Chicago :o( I hope your foot is getting better, it looks very painful!

Anonymous said...