Saturday, October 24, 2009

How to be easily humbled....

Have your six year old help you to the bathroom, and wash your hair in the shower, because you can't.

If you're like me, and I know a few of you just don't accept help. Sure, you have people constantly tell you that they'll help, "just call," but you never call.

I never call. I feel like if people want to help you, they will. I don't like to wait for people to call me. I feel like if I notice, or know that someone is in need of help/assistance/fundraising/etc. then its my duty to help them if I can. And I usually can.

I'll watch kids. I'll bake stuff for bake sales. I'll hold online contests. (seriously, when I get back to 50% function in my hands, I will send out the prizes...right now I'm typing with one hand.)

I'll do whatever I can to help. That's just me.

So, when it comes time for me to ask for help. I won't ask.

As I sit here, I am in a crying fit, because I am alone in my house with a whining dog, and I couldn't walk to my bathroom. So, I crawled on my elbows and knees, but with blisters like mine, I simply can't remove my sweatpants, or underwear.

So, I cry. And cry. And cry. And then laugh.

What else can you do? I found myself really, REALLY needing to pee, unable to take my own clothes off, crawling on the dog hair filled floor on elbows and knees, and sitting on the bathroom floor. Seriously. What else can you do but laugh. It was funny.

Then, I guess I find the strength to take off the outerwear, and sit on the pot.

Wiping myself. Now that's another post. Ho-LEY cow. But, you know what? I did it.

And I am happy. I am happy to be alive. I am happy that my children are well and wrestling. I am happy for the snow. It seems like a new time to start over in everything when the snow falls. The pristine whiteness, just covers all your dirty, muddy earth, and makes it new again.

For those of you wondering where my husband, or sisters, or mother are. I'll tell you. My husband is in flight training. I have kept the severity of my condition from him on purpose. My fault for him not knowing. He needs to study and focus on that training, and not worry about me.

My sister's are home. Even though the youngest doesn't work, or really do anything, she's watching Kaisa when she can, I guess. I'm not going to require her to help. If she wanted to help, she would. My other sister works for a company that does NOT allow sick leave for a sister. She's been over here once to visit.

My mom works 7 days a week for 12 hours a day this week due to the 450 kids here for the bush brawl.

Who's really come forward are my friends. Real true friends. I don't like to judge people, or think people should do things for others when they don't want to.

One friend in particular works, has five children, ranging in age from 16-1 yr old. She's been a staple in my getting better. Sharing gospel, laughs, and generally taking care of me AND my children, as well as her own. Her husband, (THANK YOU) never asking twice about his wife taking care of another person. He works full time as well.

Other friends have called and asked what we need, they've come and cleaned my kitchen, folded clothes, and baked cakes. I appreciate it. I really, really do. Some of these ladies have prayed, and kept kids occupied.

Thank you so much for your help. For your prayers. For your Dt. Dr. Pepper to keep me going. Thank you for your company. Thank you for your time. I will never, EVER forget it.

*more pretty graphic photos and view at your own risk.


OK, so if anyone is, or KNOWS a dermatologist, or a doctor, or someone who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express lately, please feel free to show them these photos. Ask them what the HECK is going on with me and my body....and feel free to post back, or email me. If you can correctly diagnose and CURE me, I will 1. be forever grateful to you, and 2. make you a sealskin hat or a pair of calfskin mukluks. I swear.

Here's the history:

In late September, I came home from camp wtih a normal blister that popped and crusted and grew new skinor whatever normal blisters do. Then, a few days later I noticed a burning feeling, sort of like I was stepping on a tack when I walked. I looked at my RIGHT foot and saw three small white blisters on the ball of my foot, and one on the top of the arch.

PHOTO 1 - October 9th

I went to the hospital and saw Dr. Torres and he popped all three, cultured them, and sent me home with Cephlex, a drug I am allergic to, and a tube of bacitracin. I told him I was allergic and he said, "well, its not an adverse reaction, so I'll just give you benadryl too. But, of course, if anything happens, go to the ER." (Way to cover your butt) I told him I thought it could be an aggressive form of athlete's foot, but he said it was NOT.

So, I lubed up my foot and it got progressively worse. On Tuesday of the next week I went to Anchorage to see Dr. Forsythe (?) a dermatologist. She looked at my foot for about ten seconds, said, "oh, its oozing" and told me I had oozing eczema, and prescribed Halobetasol (sp?) and wanted me to pay up front for a shot of some strong steroid, and kenelog, but I told her to write them down and I'd go to ANMC and get the shots for free. She also told me to use Burrow's soaks, an aluminum acetate astringint soak. I told her that I thought it could be an aggressive form of athlete's foot, but she said it was NOT.

Photo 2 October 18

On FRIDAY of that week, my foot had doubled in size and I had shooting, burning pain in my right leg. So, I went to the walk-in clinic and saw another doctor. I told him I thought it was athlete's foot, and he said he dind't think so. At that time, (one week ago yesterday) I had small blisters, about the size of a pin prick on my palms and thumb. I showed the doctors, who tried to figure it out, but couldn't agree on what it was. They told me to do nothing from now on. No steroid cream, no soaks, just let my foot be and come back in on Monday to check it again.

Photo 3 - October 24th

By Sunday after church, my foot was so swollen, I had no feeling in my toes, besides the big toe. I had two HUGE blisters about three inches by two inches, and rising up above my foot for about an inch, filled with clear liquid. I could not walk. My hands also had a constant sharp burning pain in them near the now numerous blisters that were forming on the palms. I also had several ring-worm looking rashes all over my arms, and trunk, but nothing on my legs.

The doctor there, told us that she agreed that she thought it was a fungal athlete's foot, and that when one doctor popped the blisters, and another prescribed a high potency steroid to put on top of it, that it made the infection at least 10 times worse than it would have been. She prescribed me a two week dose of oral anti-fungal pills, vicodin and burrow's soaks.

Hand October 22nd

Hand October 24th

Yesterday, I went back to the hospital because I now have NO use of my left hand, NO use of my Right foot and my right hand is at about 50% usage, with blisters growing rapidly on both hands. My left hand is much worse than my right hand. I have a CONSTANT pain in my hands, a constant, sharp, burning pain, like I'm holding embers from a fire. If anything touches the blister, I feel a sharp pain go through my entire body, then it subsides.

bottom of R foot 10-24

bottom of foot. Gee, looks a little like my hands dontcha think?

I was told that my foot looked "better" and that we would take blood and take photos and send them to the ANMC dermatologist. He could take up to a week to get back to us, because he is the ONLY one there. I was told simply to wait it out and "enjoy my time off."

palm of L hand - 10-24

Seriously? Enjoy my time off? Doing what? Watching reruns and having my in-puberty 13 year old son help me to use the bathroom. Or my 6 year old, clueless daughter wash my hair while I'm naked in the shower?!

pinky R hand 10-24

So...if anyone knows...or can find out...or can tell me who to see, I will gladly FLY MY CRIPPLE BLISTERED BUTT DOWN AND SEE THEM.



Martha said...

My guess is a staph infection of some sort. Or some other kind of systemic bacterial infection. I would come to ANC and go to the ER.

TwoYaks said...

Nakleng. :( My aana is a nurse, and she suggested it might be shingles, but those blisters don't look very shingles like... barring that, it sounds viral. The only other suggestion she had was to a full course of benadryl to see if it improves any. That'd rule out some allergies...

I couldn't help you more, unless you were a moose. :/ If I think of anyone, I'll definitely pester them ad-nauseum.

Unknown said...

Oh Katak, I hope you find relief soon. You need someone who listens and does good doctoring.

bebix said...

Im looking in my books to see what i can find. You should go see a nurse practitioner you will get more sympathy. I sent your link to one of my teachers, hopefully she can help.

Anonymous said...

I've been feeling sorry for myself all this week, after I broke my left wrist on Monday afternoon.
I don't any longer...
I am however sorry to say that I have no brilliant ideas or cures to extend to you - but a nurse practitioner seems like your best bet.
Hope you're on the mend soon!

Karen said...

Maija- If I were you I would be flying down to Seattle and go to Virginia Mason to check this out!! You have the flying benefits! I wouldn't be waiting on something like this especially after reading what you have been going through! My goodness I hope you start feeling better soon!!!

gpc said...

My daughter had huge ulcerated blisters on her hands when she was younger and they were caused by a staph infection; a round of broad spectrum antibiotics cleared them up. But I don't remember them being so painful, although she might have just gotten lucky in the quick cure. I'm not a medical person and generally rely on google for diagnosis, and I can see why your doctors have had so many guesses. I was surprised at how many possibilities have those symptoms -- All of which to say, I'm so sorry this is happening to you and I wish I could help. I hope one of your smarter readers has the answer.

Anonymous said...

one of our relatives that wouls spend alot of time at camp got this two years ago. The called it hand foot and mouth desease. & it looked the same.
love you and take care

Safire said...

Oh that looks painful! I had a blister that looked like that once (just one blister) and I about died. Turns it it was super infected. I would go to the ER and refuse to leave without answers or a referral to a specialist. Bonus of the ER- they have pain meds!

Ashwin Rao said...

I am a sports physician in Seattle and friend of Rachel Hall's. I am wondering whether you have a condition called pemphigus, which is an autoimmune condition where your body starts to attack the division between the skin's epidermis and dermis. Your blisters look deep, which is why I suspect this. Typically, these conditions are diagnosed by biopsy and, if the right antibodies show up (anti-desmoglein antibodies), then the diagnosis is made, and people are placed on high dose steroids (prednisone) and immunomodulators such as rituximab. The other possibility in my mind is something called bullous pemphigoid, which is a similar condition. If the inside of your mouth (the mucosa) is not involved, bullous pemphigoid is the more likely diagnosis.

Those are my best guesses, without seeing you. I do suspect that you should come down and see a dermatologist in Seattle at UW, Swedish, or Virginia Mason. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a strep infection I had one at one time and it spreads just like yours. How ever it looks like your having some of reactiom to the strep. I would call the cdc first thing and send these pic for them to look at..... I am one of Heathers friend good luck please keep us updated

Unknown said...

Hey, I saw Dr. Rao posted above. I'm a friend of Anne Shultz here in Seattle. I reached our to our staff physicians and three all agreed with Dr. Rao, if you can get to Seattle we can put you in contact with the right people. Let Anne know if we can be of any help.

The Amazing Trips said...

HOLY CRAP. I'm really worried about you. I ditto what Karen says. Get yourself on a plane and get somewhere, FAST. That doesn't look good at all.

I'm so glad that you have friends that are able to help out. Still. I'm worried. Please do let us know what's happening. DAILY.

Erika said...

Hi - I am a friend of Michele's (fourtimesthefun) and I occasionally read your blog. So sorry you are going through the physical pain and horrible blistering. No advice, just wanted you to know I prayed for you today.
Hang in there and hope it all clears up soon! :)

Aubrey said...

Maybe hand foot and mouth:
It's more common in children, but adults can get it too. Or MRSA, I know that MRSA starts as small blisters and gets bigger and spreads. Hope you figure it out soon!

Michele S said...

Could it be hand, foot, and mouth? I have seriously never seen anything like it, but I think you need to be in a hospital.

If it is MRSA (methicillan resistant staph) that could go septic. I think you need to get to a real hospital.

I feel so bad for you. I hope you are better today.

Tara Petty said...

so my suggestion does not offer an answer as to what it is, but perhaps a treatment.

my family swears by pine tar. i have used it on severe burns, and cuts and it quickly heals whatever is going on.

because it is so wide spread, i am not sure if it will work well. i would suggest starting with your foot, or wherever is convenient.

you can get pine tar at a farm and fleet store. it is also used to cure bats for baseball... some farmers use it for their animals.

i have used it many times and it gets rid of any infection as well as aid quickly in healing.

(i am not a medical professional- i am going on my own personal experience)

Good luck and I Hope you get better quickly!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Katuk
I was wondering if that would be Hand Foot & Mouth disease?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came to your blog via the Amazing Trips blog and just wanted to offer my two cents. Your original pictures look like something that happened to my feet a couple years ago. Exactly like it. Honestly, I do not remember what I did to make it go away (other than air out my feet) but I know I didn't take any meds or anything. Recently I've had weird bumps on my hands, my fingertips. I asked an internist that I saw last week (for another reason altogether) and she told me it was eczema. So I went home and googled it. I found this:
Some of your bubbles look like the ones on these pictures. Maybe you have this condition, with a staph infection like others have mentioned. Please get checked out, real soon. I wish you the best. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Linda

Anonymous said...

Could be MRSA. Get yourself to a hospital ASAP!

merinz said...

Oh Maija I feel for you at the moment. You have a high pain threshold and are probably worse than you let on.

This needs urgent attention NOW. I don't know what the doctors are thinking about. If the local ones can't help you can you go further afield?

Dr. Lewis Pagel, D.C. said...

Hello Maija, One of your friends informed me of your condition and asked me to look at your pictures. I am not a Dermatologist, but I am sitting at my desk looking at my dermatology book from med school and trying to come up with some conclusions for you. Some of your lesions appear to resemble Nummular Eczema (aka Discoid Eczema); however the blisters resemble the effects of several different conditions. Notably, Autosensitization Dermatitis. Not knowing the full extent of your condition, it is hard to say, but the aforementioned condition is usually following a breakout on the trunk or legs. One statement that caught my eye: "Autosensitization may occur as an "id" reaction in inflammatory tinea pedis and manifests as a dyshidrosiform, vesicular eruption on the feet and hands, and papulovesicualr eczematoid lesions on the trunk."(1) I don't know the extent of your medical vocabulary, but that is consistent with the photos I've seen. Hope it helps. My text also includes treatment options, so if you are still in need of treatment shoot me an e-mail or give me a call and I bring you photo copies of my text, and you can propose them to your treating physician.

(1):Color Atlas & Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology: Common & Serious Diseases, Fitzpatrick, Thomas B. et al., fourth edition, 2001, page 44.

The Amazing Trips said...

My mom - a very experienced nurse - called after she saw your pictures and said it looks like a SERIOUS staph infection and you need to get to a hospital for IV meds, STAT.

She's really concerned about you and that this infection, if left untreated, could be fatal (!) but she's also really concerned that it could potentially be passed on to your family (!).

So. Again. HOLY CRAP.

Hopefully, you're on a plane by now and will be soon checking yourself in to a top-notch hospital.

Anonymous said...

First, I wanted to say I'm so sorry you are going through this. I'm a primary care doctor and must say the first few pictures of your foot almost looked like trench foot. But with the blistering, I agree with Dr. Rao. Those look like bullae and pemphigus and bullous pehmphigoid would be high up on the list. You need a biopsy though. Your foot though does look super-infected given the swelling and redness, which may very well need antibiotics. Please, please, please get to a doctor who can biopsy and start treatment. I don't think it will get better on its own.

Anonymous said...

First I just wanted to say I'm sorry you are going through this! I'm a primary care physician and when I first saw your foot lesions, I thought it was trench foot. But with the bullous lesions that popped up, I think I agree with Dr. Rao. Do you have any oral lesion? It looks like pemphigus or bullous pemphigoid. But you need a biopsy!! Your foot also looks like it could be superinfected so you may need antiobiotics as well. Please, please, please get in to see a doctor who can biopsy. I don't think it will get better on its own.

TwoYaks said...

Yeah. Let me just echo some other people, and say 'get your rear to a real hospital.' Anchorage or Seattle. I wouldn't mess around with this...

I'm thinking some positive thoughts in your direction :/

Anonymous said...

Hi there...I just got your information through the Amazing Trips blog...and I passed your link on to two doctor friends of mine. So far I've heard back from one and she gives a resounding "STAPH." She also says "absolutely NOT athlete's foot."

Oh I am just so sorry for the pain you are suffering...and not just physical pain but also the crazy degree of emotional discomfort that you are enduring! I will continue to put the word out for the meantime, know that you've got someone praying for you in Maryland...!

Saima said...

I told you to go see and immunologist! if its MRSA you could spread it to Corina so tell her to be careful! I knew a lady who had MRSA and it took forever to cure.... I hope things are going well in Anchorage.

Urban Milkmaid said...

I don't think it's an allergic reaction. I think you have an auto-immune condition called "Bullous Pemphigoid" Here's a link:
You will need to go to a doctor who doesn't have his head up his butt - who will do a skin biopsy and give you steroids and anti-inflammatories. This disease is sort of dangerous so get to a good doctor ASAP - and hope you feel better soon!

jen said...

My guess is either staph or hand-foot-and-mouth (Coxsackie). Best to get on a plane and rule out the first - and hope that you get better very soon.

Anonymous said...

Thought and prayers for you and your family as yo seek medical help. Differing opinions can be frustrating, but hang in there and you are obviously a very strong person. I wish you relief and good health soon.

Anonymous said...

By the looks of your hands and feet it looks alot like a staph infection. And that is very contagious. Popping the blisters will much more harm than good. I would go in to anchorage and see a dermatologist. Your condition is beyond extreme. I hope this gets taken care of soon,it looks excruciating. My prayers for your quick recovery.

One of many cuzzins! said...


I came to your blog from Amazing Trips. I'm Jen's cousin in Boston and an ICU nurse. I sincerely hope by now, you've been admitted to a hospital and are receiving IV antibiotics. Without a doubt, you have a raging infection and are at serious risk.

One of your commenters mentioned Pemphigus. I concur. My father was treated for Pemphigus several years ago and athough his skin never advanced to your stages, it was very ugly and quite painful. I've also cared for a few patients with Pemphigus and Pemphoid skin diseases. There are several types that affect different areas of the body. They are autoimmune diseases. The immune system makes antibodies, which attack viruses and harmful bacteria. With pemphigus, antibodies instead, attack healthy cells in the skin or mucous membranes. Skin cells separate from each other and
fluid collects between skin layers. Blisters form and may cover a large area of skin.
It is diagnosed with a lab test (blood sample) that measures pemphigus antibody levels and with a biopsy of one of the blisters. It is treated with large doses of steroids and immunosuppressants. And, you would obviously need antibiotics and probably some pain medication.

I cannot believe that you are sitting home, taking pictures of this and sending out an SOS via the internet. Shame on those doctors for not admitting you into a hospital for care.

I realize Boston is a half a world away from you, but if interested I could get you the name of a Boston physician who specializes in Pemphigus/Pemphigoid skin diseases.

You need help...and fast. Please do whatever you have to do to get to a competant physician.

Best of luck and my prayers are with you.


Anonymous said...

I got exactly what you have when i was about nine years old, i was fishing with my dad near the beach, and a bunch of mosquitoes literally ate my legs, i scratched and scratched and after a couple of days a group of tiny blisters popped out in the center of my right foot, i was riding a bike all day long and i felt kind of a relief when pedaling barefoot, but the foot got swollen after a few days, it itched as hell, the blisters started spreading all over and grouping creating huge blisters, and strange watery treads fromed and expanded, and where they ended another group og tiny blisterswould form, so it spread all over my foot, thento the ankle, then to the left foot, my foot grew twice it´s size, it looked crusty, as if the water inside the blisters came out and formed a yellowy crust that would peal off and form more crusts with new tiny blisters, it was so painful. They gave me lots of pills, creams, i remember i needed help to stand up, i could not walkfor three months, my family doctor never told us what i had, but eventually with some cream it got cured and washing it with previously boiled water and no soap.

After years and years, perhapssome 20 years, i got them back, but in a smaller degree. I realized i got the blisters after walking barefoot on fresh cleaned floors, and was still wet with disinfectant, and later on i walked barefoot on polished floors too. I also was biten by mosquitoes again, not that much but i did. If i pop the blisters it gets worse, so never pop them if you get this!!

It is certainly an allergic reaction to chemicals and insect bites. Try to eat healthy you people, healthy food, lots of water and try not to live a stressful life, all of this makes these things worse in seconds.

Anonymous said...

Probably a bit late to be posting this, but a lot of it looks like pompholyx which is related to eczema) as a previous anon mentioned/guessed. I've been dealing with this for over a decade and a half. I'm allergic to a lot of things, but the only reaction I've ever feared coming back was pompholyx, which I've always associated with the appearance of foam or soap bubbles.

In my case pompholyx is an allergic reaction to grass, a contact allergy based on most any part of the plant, but most often from the liquids inside each blade. It's absurdly annoying--painful once it's big enough (as you experienced), the itchiest thing on the planet (at least in my experience), prevents movement if it gets on joints, can occur anywhere on the body (though I've been lucky enough to only have had it on my hands, feet, and just a little on my forearms, and the worst part is that treatments don't really do much.

Regardless, I don't know if a cortisone cream would help much. I used it for a while early on, but I don't remember how well it worked or not. The knee-jerk reaction I have nowadays is to attack them, usually by popping them as early as I can or cutting the whole top off, but as you know, that really isn't a good thing to do. Kind of like what they say for acne, getting that clear liquid inside the bubbles on clear skin helps it spread.

The best thing my family and I have found is to soak the affected areas in hot water with epsom salts dissolved into it. Heat the water to as hot as you can bear, then follow the carton's instructions for how much epsom salt to add, which depends on the amount of water being used, really. A good soaking for twenty minutes or so a couple times daily should help slow it down, and of course the earlier you notice it and start soaking, the better it works.

As a final note, an allergy to grass isn't the only cause for this reaction. I've read that stress and chemicals and even excessive hand washing can cause it, but personally, I believe it to be solely an allergic reaction, and in cases where someone thought it was a chemical reaction or stress were just misdiagnosed. It was originally described to me as an allergic reaction to pores being clogged by certain allergens. If you've got access to a chlorinated pool, you might also try swimming. While swimming in a pond, I once popped a few of the big ones without noticing. It was probably stupid on my part and lucky something in the water didn't give me an infection, but it's at least a bit smarter to do it in a pool with chlorine in it.

Get a complete allergy test (just know that it can be painful in its own right and/or involve a lot of needles), soak where you find pompholyx like you've got a war to win, and good luck.

Sonja said...

Hi Finnskimo. I hope your foot has been healed for a long time now.

I stumbled onto your blog because I was looking for pictures of the crud I have.

I am pretty sure I have a vesicular fungal infection. It started with a small hive on the bottom of my foot, and has spread within one week to be a large fluid filled blister on the bottom of my foot, and satellite small pinpoint blisters have erupted on top of both my feet now and a couple of stragglers on my thumb too!

With the blisters intact, I have been soaking in Burow's solution and applying an Rx antifungal cream. Also, have been taking oral antifungals (day 2 of that), and prednisone to help with the itching.

Sound like the right course of action to you? I hope to avoid infection. I think right now this is fungal grossness. Comments? Will I survive?

Damien said...

Dude what you have is called dyshidrotic eczema. I had some small blisters, that developed into larger ones, was diganosed by lame general practitioner with athletes foot, put on oral lamisil and cream, made it ten times worse, tried cutting the blasters out and any affected skin with a razor blade, made it worse, soaked it in rubbing alchohol and apple cider vinegar, made it worse, finally went ot a dermeatologist and had it scraped for fungal ID, no fungus, stopped antifungal crap, put on lidex steroid cream, it has been 3 days now and it is healing and stopped spreading. You have an allergy, mine I think is to metal, I was using metal blades do do my home surgery, and metal bowl to soak in, plus when it all started I used a metal safety pin to pop the first small blister I now call pandoras box.

Unknown said...

This actually looks similar to a form of infection caused by athletes foot. If your A.F. Goes untreated it can get into the blood stream somehow and causes an allergic reaction that spreads, causing blisters on hands and feet. Some anti biotics can be more harmful especially if not used.with stro.g antifungal. Staph and mersa which are similar to eachother.can resemble this that's why many and misdiagnosis this. Going untreated can be very serious and only gets worse

Unknown said...

So did you figure this out was infection/allergic reaction to athletes foot fungus getting into your blood stream and causing swelling cracking blistering, itching, soggy white flesh, oder, and the scratching can also cause infections similar to staph or mersa. I use quite a bit of natural remedies to keep fungus at bay. Washing the feet thoroughly with Soap and water, using a separate rag from the rest of your body. Then wash a second time with a mixture of baking soda and water. Then after i use q tips with peroxide, i have a spray bottle with water and vinegar, apple cider vinegar, i spray on my feet, because fungus cannot live in acidic conditions. Not rinsing the acv i then put tea tree oil on my.feet/toes... Then i add what've antifungal cream or powder. Doing this helps but you have to keep shower cleaned.daily after washing, so it doesn't spread or worsen, or give it to others... And clean bathroom floors with bleach.cleaners or disinfectant, i use pinesol. Wear shoes that aren't tight and sick that let your feet breath like those dry socks, changing shoes daily and trading shoes every other day using spray in shoes also and powder. Go v bare foot when possible, air out feet :-) hope this helps someone who reads looking for answers. Also read my above comment

Anonymous said...

Definitely agree with anyone who said it was most likely hand foot and mouth desease. My niece had that, painful and not very nice. It is NOT hoof and mouth disease and you do NOT get it from animals, but from other humans.

carrfam said...

Did you heal from this or find the cause?

carrfam said...

Sorry if I just posted the same comment multiple times! New to the blogging thing and thought I must have done something wrong ;)

Parsa said...

This looks like "dyshidrosis."

Parsa said...

This looks like "dyshidrosis."