Friday, October 9, 2009

Medical days off...

*Disclaimer: Do not check out the photos at the end of this post if you're prone to gagging when seeing grody foot rot, cause I have no shame, and I totally took a picture of my sick foot.

The other day I was talking to my aana (grandmother) while she was knitting. She asked me if I had sewing during the summer/fall time here.

I told her I hadn't. That I remembered that "good eskimo's" didn't sew when there was "stuff" to do. She clucked away praising me and saying how great I was...etc.

Then she asked me, "so, you gonna sew now? Its not Falltime anymore..."

I told her that I had sewn an atikluk for Kaisa and one for her friend, but I hadn't taken out my skins yet.

"So lazy, just like when you were growing up."

WHAT? Lazy?! Me?! Well, I'll admit that when it comes to housework and the sort, I am pretty lazy. Not lazy as much as I just find better things to do! But sewing? Come ON.

My husband has a fur parky, Koy has two, Kaisa has one, and they all have mukluks, mittens, etc. I do need to get Kaisa's winter mukluks done, and Koy needs a fur hat, but other than that, my fur parky is the only thing that was on my "list."

Anyway, I told her that I was too busy at work and trying to get our summer/fall stuff put away to sew.

She told me not to be lazy. I need to get Koy's hat done...and I better get Kaisa's mukluks done before it snows. I better "make time," or else. Or else what? I don't know. Maybe she doesn't realize that if I don't get Kaisa's mukluks done, she'll be perfectly warm in her Keen Winter boots and if I don't get Koy's hat done, he'll be fine wearing mine.

That's just not Eskimo logic. She didn't understand why I couldn't just stop and sew.

So, I started to think that maybe I needed to take some time off, or reprioritize my weekend days. I started wishing that I had more time to get these things done. THEN I got a blister on my foot.

It started off innocently enough at camp, a normal blister from rubbing my new boot. Then I picked at it. I know, I know...don't pick. But I did.

THEN I walked around without socks at camp and got some grubby stuff in the blister. I hobbled around for a week and just went with it.

THEN it blew up and now I am at home, on "butt rest." Not bed rest, but sit-on-your-butt rest. I thought I could be at work sitting on my butt at my desk, but the doc said that the med's I'm on make me a little loopy and drowsy, so its best NOT to go to work and tell your co-worker what I think of her new haircut! So I'm at home.

One still missing...a Z-pack.

What a perfect time to sew.

* Edited to add. Finished in just under four hours. Yipee. Koy is happy. But it fits me better! haha.




Cathy said...

For the love of all that is holy...WHAT IS THAT????

gpc said...

Glad you are taking the time to heal -- your foot looks so painful! Hope it's better quickly - or at least, by the time your sewing is done!

indigo said...

Umm........if you ever get a sore on your butt please...............

Michele S said...

OMFG! Is that MRSA? Do they have that up there?

I love that you sew animal skins. You should move to California and show those PETA freaks how it's done in the real world.

Anonymous said...

wow looks like it came out pretty straight even if you were loopy.
You know you can sew when you can sew under the influence :)