Friday, March 20, 2009

Those Wascaly Wabbits!

And Ptarmigan...our very own Organic Wild Chicken!!!

Look what we found

Dean and Peter took the boys out hunting yesterday. The sun was shining, the smell of snowmachine exhaust filled the air, as they waited for them to warm up. Everyone remembered their parkies, guns, and warm gear, but no one brought food! haha. That's what happens when no women go!

Koy the hunter

Koy managed to shoot a few ptarmigan with a .17 instead of a shotgun. I wondered why they didn't use a shotgun, because when home, everyone exclaimed they had NEVER seen so many ptarmigan. Of course, I wasn't there, so no pictures were shot of the alleged "thousands" of ptarmigan!

Koy plucking

At our house, you better igichaq your birds before you bring them in otherwise you'll get an earful from me!

Tim Plucking

So they did, like good little men should!

Feathers everywhere

They even managed to get most of the feathers in the garbage bag! To which I was very happy!

Other than ptarmigan, Dean and Peter shot a couple of rabbits. The skin is pretty much ruined, but we might be able to save the ears for something! At least all the meat was good!

boys and their catch

I guess we're either having Rabbit or Ptarmigan for dinner tonight! My mom makes the BEST ptarmigan casserole. It has wild rice, carrots, onions, and whatever other secret ingredients she puts in it. Whatever it is...its great.

Unlucky Rabbits feet

These rabbits feet ended up being a bit unlucky! :)

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Allmycke said...

nd think of all of us that would like to be there and share it with you. (Haven't had Ptarmigan for 16 years even that they can be found around here...)