Sunday, March 29, 2009

All dressed up and no where to go...

Friday night marked a very special night! The first night I have ever seen my husband wear a "sport coat!" I saw him wearing a tie and slacks when we got married, I saw him wear a tie and slacks when his father died...and that was it.

The Local Lion's Club held a fundraiser for the Archie Ferguson Snow machine race, being held in about a week where the invitations stated..."Semi-Formal Wear." Apparently, Dean and I don't know what semi-formal is in Kotzebue, because we dressed and showed up like this:


Most of the other people who forked out $30 each for a steak and potato dinner wore jeans and a t-shirt. Sure, their jeans had minimal oil stains and most of them actually wore deodorant, but their dress was not was borderline redneck at best!!!

I will say, the dinner was spectacular, and the company we shared cracked us up. Dean ended up being the ONLY person wearing a shirt and tie...with jeans and a sport coat, no less! But, it was worth it to spend time with him and semi-curl my hair and semi-put on makeup! I'd suggest the next time we have a dinner like that, the invite say, "clean clothes required..." and hopefully next time they'll play some music or something during dinner! :)


Ms. ~K said...

That's funny and so typical Alaskan!!!
I think you both look great and who knows, maybe you've started a trend-chuckle!

Allmycke said...

Ha! The same thing could happen here - only the guys would be wearing Helly Hansen!