Saturday, March 28, 2009

Minor Surgery...

Courtesy of the temperamental volcano, Kotzebue doesn't have such staples as Milk, Soda and Medevac planes... But, thanks to my sister's knowledgeable background in the medical field, I am alive and well... :)

For lunch, we went to the Post Office, where a bake sale was being held for a local boy who is in Anchorage following a snow machine accident. Saima and I bought a wonderfully delicious shiifish spread sandwich and abruptly munched them down before we could get home to share...

On the way home, my throat started to itch... and itch... and itch! I started gagging, and coughing... I thought to myself, "oh no...what was I allergic to?"

Turns out, I'm wasn't allergic, but instead had a one inch bone stuck in my throat glands!!! I could feel it with my fingers and it was really stuck.

Like I said before, we're lacking in the emergency medical department, so I was afraid of waiting for an hour at the ER for something I KNEW my sister could do in less than ten minutes!

SO...she donned the Eskimo Surgeon headlamp and we cleaned off a pair of tweezers and off we went....


After a few seconds of laughing and drooling of what was to come...she stuck those tweezers in my throat and plucked that bone out! :) We giggled and laughed our way through it...and now I'm FINE.


And I'm still craving shiifish, so next time, I'll be more careful and try to avoid those bones!

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