Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Seriously. I think that about covers it.

One week and two storms ago, we left. We're back. This is what we came back to...

This is what I paid for?!

Keep in mind, we walked home from the airport, and didn't bother to bring any baggage with us, just our carry on's and TWO shovels! :)

Minute 5 out of 4 hours worth of work

Sometimes, I feel so smart.

Actually, I probably should have brought five shovels and a load of energy drink induced teenage boys with a promise of some mooses tooth pizza!

Road to house

Ah well. At least I have a 12 year old who, with promises of the new Nerf Machine Gun, is happy to shovel for us. Happy until his friends came over. Good thing I bought TWO shovels. Like I said before, I should have bought five.

I'm glad I'm not a kid

Yes, he is standing on what used to be our deck. See how enthusiastic he looks at the job ahead!?


Here's what the house and property USED to look like.

Garage? What garage?

So, this is my garage. My car's not working, so its just sitting halfway on 6th avenue and halfway on our property...ambushed by snow on all four sides, underneath and above! I do own 2 4-wheelers, and 2 pretty awesome snow machines. Guess where they might be?! Yes, in the garage. Great place for them. At least they're all snug sitting in there, insulated by snow. My kids and I are walking until someone get's us out! Good thing Kotzebue is only 2 miles long and less than 1 mile wide.

Ah well...see you when we shovel out!

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The infamous "little sister" said...

LOVE it! I wish I was there! instead of doing homework. how fun!