Friday, February 27, 2009

Sick of storms...

Sorry, no photos, all you'd see is a wall of white. Not very amusing.

Uhm, Mother Nature...we're tired of being stormed upon...we are tired of shoveling, we are tired of listening to the wind howl. Please, just PLEASE enough. I know March is supposed to come in like a Lion and out like a lamb...please, enough lions.

Normally, if I were home all day, or even at work and having to walk home without goggles, I wouldn't be so upset. But...when the circumstances change, my mood changes.

I haven't written any blogs recently, because on Tuesday, I had to check my son out of school for a massive headache. He's had juvenile migraines before, but none this bad. I gave him the regular concoction we came up with to ease his pain and sent him straight to bed. It didn't work.

By two am, he was retching in pain and I felt helpless and decided to take him to the ER. Maybe one of their cocktails would help. It was stormy...pretty bad...maybe category 3.5 out of 5. Dean's still gone too, so I had to get Kaisa up, throw her on my back (She's 55 lbs now and 47 inches...) and put them in the car. We made it sorta to my mom's house, and I walked with her on my back until we reached the door. I dropped her off, and went to the hospital.

Eventually, after a long night and an even longer list of drugs given to Koy, he was admitted and put on a sedative, pain killer and anti-nausea medication, administered only by IV.

Fast forward to today... We woke up to find a beautiful day, or so it seemed...and went along with our business of eating nasty cafeteria food, and grahm crackers until Koy was discharged at 2:00 pm. He's going to a pediatric neurologist as soon as an appointment opens up. I asked the nurses how I was supposed to get home, seeing as though no one could see ten feet in front of them...literally, category 5 out of 5. She told me in her sweetest (and most condescending) voice possible, "I don't know, but you're discharged, so you'll have to go somewhere..."

I kindly reminded her that my 12 year old son was with me and all we had on were the clothes we came with...myself, long john pants, boots, a jacket and a hat, and Koy, sweat pants, boots, a jacket and a hat. Nothing gloves, no goggles...etc. She shrugged her shoulders and turned away.

Yes...I am very calm writing this, Yes, I have worked through my anger by now...

My son, who was just recently given a dose of medication that makes him very drowsey, and I were to attempt to drive home in the storm. I attempted, I failed. We got stuck fifteen feet from the hospital on the road. When I say a wall of white, it literally is a wall of can not see street lights, speed limit signs, or anything else. The only non-white item is yourself. If you put your hand in front of your face, you MIGHT be able to see it. So we walked. Luckily, I found a t-shirt and extra hat in the car. We folded the extra hat and placed it on Koy's face under his sweatshirt and hat, acting as a face mask. I wrapped the t-shirt around my head for a hat and face mask.

We walked for what seemed like hours...It seemed like we were so alone. No buildings, no light posts, nothing but snow. I could see some shadows of things that we knew of, and we followed a couple in full outdoor gear (including goggles) down the street until I walked into the streetsign showing us which way to turn. We went from snow bank to snow bank. Right about fifty feet from our house, Koy said, "Mom, I can't walk anymore...."

I felt like I was helpless. I picked his arm up, held him up, and told him to hang in there...then we saw our house. It was like hitting the lottery, we immediately got more energy, and ran up the snowbank and into our house. Koy was crying at this time, but we made it OK and neither of us complained too much about our cold legs.

Until Koy said, "Mom, I have a headache.....," I had forgotten about his the car. So, I decided to wait a little bit, to see if it let up even just a little. I thought about the two snowmachines, made for this weather, both stuck in the garage under twelve feet of a snowdrift... So, Spencer and I decided to walk. This time we had all the gear necessary. Thank goodness my husband buys so much crap, otherwise, we would have been out of luck! As it turns out, both Spence and I were able to gear up in my husband's outdoor gear and head out. We walked to the one time Spence was about six feet in front of me and I lost I yelled and he yelled back...really, six feet, I measured and I was lost. We retrieved the medication and the groceries that were still in the car, and headed back to the house. Obviously we made it. By this time, a stranger had come about, lost. We welcomed him in as well. Turns out he was only about fifteen yards from where he was supposed to be. I ended up walking him home as well.

My cousin called from the hospital and said she couldn't get home to my mom's to take care of the three girls because she tried and got lost. Keep in mind, my mom's house is about 100 yards away from the hospital. On a windy day, I can throw a rock from my mom's and damn near hit the hospital...or at least the connex van's they use to store stuff in! So...guess what...since my daughter was at my mom's and she needed to get to my mom's...I walked to the hospital again. This time, wearing my husband's "fog free" (yeah right) full face snow machine helmet! :) It worked pretty well, but walking alone for less than a quarter mile is awfully scary. Most of the time, I found a landmark, closed my eyes and walked toward what I thought was the correct direction. It seemed to work wonderfully, since I got there pretty quickly, backpack on my shoulders and smile on my face! So, I dropped off the outdoor gear and goggles, and walked back home.

Five times. I don't know if I'll ever like the number five. Not for a while. Nor will I ever, EVER walk to the hospital again.

So...I guess in closing, I am so happy to be home. I miss my husband terribly. More so, because I feel helpless in this weather, my daughter home with my mother, my son here with me, and my husband in Palmer. I know that I was able to weather this storm, and I'll be ready for more...but its mighty lonely out there walking all alone. My only suggestion is to sing to yourself. I was a regular Grammy Star out there, belting out whatever tunes I had on my mind! :)

Until nextorm. ha.


Jane said...

I am sorry that you had such a negative experience at the hospital, on top of horrendous weather conditions. Best of health to your son, always,


Anonymous said...

When life is hard enough, it is a shame that other people make it harder. "Healing arts" my ass. I am glad that you are all safe.