Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On my honor...I will try...

To Serve God, and my country, to help people at all times and to live by the Girl Scout Law!

Monday night marked the start of a new chapter in several girls lives. They embarked on the journey so many of us began as children...they became Girl Scouts!

daisy Color Guard
Here are the Daisy's - Kaisa and Emily...Ciana was hiding behind the Flag. They were the "Color Guard" for the ceremony

I vividly remember being a Girl Scout, going on camping trips to Sadie Creek, swimming in the creek and Lisa (Adams) Shield getting stickleback fish stuck in her swimsuit...washing tin dishes in boiling water and dunking them with a mesh bag...hang drying our soaking wet clothing...making wax candles in the sand...and just singing around the campfire. It was all so fun and educational at the same time.

Sure, most of us girls grew up in and around camp and could probably out tie the boy scouts by that time, but the fact that it was ALL GIRLS was the best thing ever...and for those of us who were ultra competitive, we could earn patches. I still have my patch book from when I was an original Brownie/Junior/Girl Scout.

Juniors reading story
The "Junior Girl Scouts" reding the story of the First Girl Scout

I have to say, I am uber excited for my daughter to take part in this tradition! She can recite the Girl Scout Creed by memory, she can tell you that you're not being "honest and fair," and she will also tell you that she's the tallest Daisy! :)

If you're wondering, the Daisy's are in Kindergarten and First Grade, Brownies are in Second and Third Grade, and the Juniors are in Fourth and Fifth Grade. Each year you recieve a "year pin" and the appropriate pin for your grouping. The Daisy pins hadn't arrived, so the little girls were bummed. :(

Brownies standing in line for their pins...which were put on upside down. Once they did a good deed, they could put their new pin on right side up!

We look forward to getting all the Daisy petals...and practicing RESPECT! :) Well, maybe that's just me, cause my daughter and I are too similar to not butt heads...and minds. And who doesn't like arguing with a five year old?! So, now at least I have a book I can use...its too bad she can read so well though, because I used to be able to say, "Look this book says that children need to listen to their mom's no matter what..." Now, she just says..."no it doesn't, it says to TRY to be fair...I'M TRYING MOM...IT'S JUST NOT WORKING!"

So...good luck to us this year! And good luck to the rest of the girls too... Can't wait for those cookies to arrive...(next week!)

Girls Paying attention
Here's the whole group listening to the Juniors tell the stories about the Brownies and Daisy's...


Jane said...

Congrats to your daughter! And Girl Scout cookies are the best... especially the peanut butter patties!


Summer said...

This is so exciting! Being a girl scout was one of the best experiences of my childhood. I even got to go to New York when I was 16 as a special "Wider Opportunity" thing the scouts do now. I also was a scout until I was 17, and then after that I worked as a camp counselor at Winding Trails!

Ms. ~K said...

I always enjoy my visits to your blog!!!
Brownies and Girl Scouts ROCK!!!
My mom was always my Leader!!!

Take care,