Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kotzebue Drift...

I used to have a garage and stairs...but not anymore!


So, I woke up THIS morning, and the long howls of the wind had died down, only to be replaced by the constant beep of road graters and loaders trying to reach the streets before the morning commuters. To my amazement, I opened the door, and found this:

Wall of Snow!

Keep in mind, this picture was taken AFTER I had thrown my dog up and out and taken a shovel to the massive mound of snow that had drifted against my front door.

I am not usually one to laugh at this sort of situation...I'd usually curse around a bit and dig for the shovel. But to find a six foot drift in front of your door is just plain insane. My porch and deck are completely covered in snow, the rubbermade freezers (tote filled with frozen stuff cause we have no more room in our other freezers, and besides they're in the above garage!) are all buried, as are all three of my shovels! Laugh I did. I tried to get my dog to dig with me, but all she did was look at me from above and whine. Bitch. Literally.

Since she didn't help, here's where she ended up. Only after I had dug it out, and put it on top of the snow drift for her to lay in. Oh, and notice the TOP of the four-wheeler right next to her.

Mad Dog

Eventually, it was time to go. Today was career day at school, so Clara (who ended up spending the night, due to the storm) wanted to dress as a teacher, and Kaisa, surprise surprise, she wanted to be a ROCKSTAR! Clara wore a nice long dress with a cardigan, her hair in a bun, and some glasses frames. (Is that too stereotypical?!) Kaisa wore a pair of printed leggings, a short skirt, a t-shirt (all in neon colors), and frizzy hair with half of it up on one side. (Think Cindy Lauper in Girls Just Wanna!) Koy didn't wear anything, cause I forced him to do hard labor and shovel enough to get the girls out!

Haven't you always wanted to have a slide at home?! Well, come on over, instead of our normal 6 stairs leading to the front door, we have a makeshift slide made out of packed drifted snow! :)

Slide stairs

The girls thought I was the coolest! :) I am just too lazy to shovel the stairs, I don't even think I could find them if I tried.

I went back home to make a path from the door to the slide/stairs, and now I'm taking a break, tired from shoveling, but at least I got my exercise for today!

Shovel anyone

When I was a kid, my house used to drift like no other. But, I drove over to my mom's to check it out, and here's what I saw.


Not even her car is buried. I guess, drifts just know when there's a kid in the house that needs to shovel!

There weren't as many lucky people as me, here's someone's shack/house/maybe shop that is completely drifted over. I remember climbing to the top of buildings like this and jumping off. I hope my son doesnt' do that! Or if he does, he's safe like me and ties a rope around his waist!!!

snowed in shack

It couldn't have snowed too much, or it snowed and blew into snowdrifts, because here is my snowmachine...all peaceful and untouched by the snow. My neighbors house, on the other hand...not so lucky!


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