Tuesday, February 17, 2009

President's Day WORK!

What did YOU do for President's Day? Here's what I did. See the Garage Door...and the Shop door? They're completely covered...good luck to the poor person who has to dig them out, cause it ain't me! In total length, it was about 200 feet. We measured using our 100 foot extension cord!

shoveling the shop

THEN, mother freaking nature decided to blow snow again, so last night Koy and I shoveled again. We gave up about forty feet into it though and decided that we could walk in the deep snow for the last ten feet to the car...which is parked in the middle of the road, because of the amount of drifts...

Here's what you see when you open my door. Its about four to five feet high, depending on where you stand! We made Koy jump into it the first day and punch down the snow, so HE could shovel it. We just guessed where the steps were. Where there is usually six steps, there are now two! :)

outside my door

For those of you who ask where the husband is...he has a great excuse, and I have a greater admiration for him shoveling! He is in Palmer taking care of his terminally ill father. I can't complain, because I always complain about not exercising...so I guess this is payback for all those times I said it out loud! "I wish there were something I could do outside for exercise...instead of a stupid elliptical machine..." PSSHHH.


Anonymous said...

have bothered with all that shoveling......there is another storm coming tomorrow.

Finnskimo said...

I know. Ugh. But someone had to do it!

P.S. thank God for AK Air...I came home from lunch to find that some angel had plowed from the road to the porch. So, now I can plug my car in with the 100 ft. extension cord, and not have to walk through snow to do it! yay.

Anonymous said...

Grease yer shovel and cuss up a blue streak, here it comes...

Snow! 2-4" which translates to another 2-3 feet for your yard.

Yule like the exercise!