Friday, August 19, 2011



So my sister and I survived. We made it from Fort Hood, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska and it only took us six days! (I know, it could have been faster, but we wanted to hang out with people we knew on the way!)

Dallas, TX

Don't have many of these signs where we're from!

It was an absolute blast. A beautiful trip. A trip filled with new adventure, and I would do it again...if I had the time off and the gas money!

Denver with Lucy!


Before we left, I was WORRIED. I mean worried like no other. I probably even gave myself an ulcer. I kept Googling, "Safest way through Canada..." and I would always come up with these stories on TWO WOMEN FOUND DEAD off the side of the road...etc. I was freaked out.

LOVE wyoming

Hitch Hikers in Montana.

Apparently I was worried over nothing. I seriously thought we were going to get beat up in Canada. But the Canadians were WAYYYYY nicer than the Americans! Everywhere we went.

Elsa and I "went out" in Applebees. Call us wild!

stone sheep

Shoot, once, in a gas station at one am, in the middle of nowhere in Canada, a drug deal was going down behind me. I could hear them talking about the cost. I get a tap on the shoulder, and think to myself, "I'm going to get killed now. He's going to kill me and take my money. I hope Elsa is not sleeping..." And he says to me, "Excuse me Ma'am, do you happen to have five bucks I can borrow? I am short a little for my transaction..." I say, "Uhm, I have a credit card, that's all..." And he replies, "Oh, OK, sorry to bother you..." and goes about his DRUG DEAL...

I love Canada.



And geez America...what's with all the hay bales?! I mean seriously. Hay, Hay, Hay, Hay, Hay, Hay.... Wheat. Hay, Hay, Hay, Hay, Hay....Cows. Hay, Hay, Hay, get the idea. It would have been nice to see something other than hay. And cows.


eat moose

We were lucky enough to need a hotel in Fort Nelson, we stopped at a Super 8 (hello pool SLIDE!) and while we were waiting for the elevator, it opened up. "MAIJA!!!" I hear...and it's a family from our town in Kotzebue, ALASKA, staying at the exact same hotel, at the exact same time, on the exact same day!!! Crazy. Small World, literally! So, Elsa and I just followed them the rest of the way. We even stopped at the "Sign Forest" and at a Hot Springs...where a bear walked 15 feet in front of us crossing the boardwalks. Nice.

British Columbia

BC cabins
Next time, we are staying here...

The only snafuu we hit on the trail was when I closed my eyes for a split second and hit the butt of an Elk at 5 am. We stopped after that and slept with the truckers at a rest stop. Other than that, it was a great trip. We pretty much stayed in motels/hotels along the way. Super 8 is pretty nice. I wasn't worried about the low "stars" on the ratings because seriously, we used to sleep on caribou skins on a plywood floor. Anything was better than the car seats we were in 10 hours a day. And all the hotels (EXCEPT THE HOWARD JOHNSON INN, DON'T EVER STAY THERE!!!) were really nice and clean. And VERY VERY VERY helpful.



We went from 118 degrees in Texas to 45 degrees in Kotzebue. Then since we have been home it's been about 70 degrees out, and beautiful.


Back to Fishing, and Berry Picking and Hunting Caribou. :) I sure missed AK.


jen said...

I LOVE the heart shadow you did on the hay bail, seriously cool! AND lol you were worried about Canada! We are like the most non confrontational people ever! We won't even do returns to stores to keep out of a conflict lol! Glad you had a relatively safe trip!

basebell6 said...

you two are the CUTEST. SISTERS. EVERRRRRRRRRR. so cute. i thoroughly enjoyed the recap of your trip. you took amazing photos. i think hay, hay, hay, cows, hay, hay is just beautiful! but i live in ohio and we have lots of that stuff. but hay and cows with mountains in the background? now that is THE BEST! i would love to do that trip someday. the story about the drug deal made me laugh sooo hard!

Rebecca said...

Glad you're home safe. As's living in Canada, I'm glad you found Canada nice. :) Looks like you had fun all the way.

Anonymous said...

Well, right on! You made it! And thanks for the comment about Canadians....I'm one. Good to hear you're back.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Canada is the best!!!

We go to Liard Hotsprings every year. My family lives in Fort Nelson and Dawson Creek. All places you drove through!

Now, next time turn right at the Sign Post Forest, drive down that gravel road for 400km and you will be at my doorstep!!!

Jerald said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. I'm envious.

marge said...

Enjoy your blog; love your state. I am from the midwest of the lower 48 where we raise lots of cows and grow lots of hay to raise our families. I was very disappointed to read your assessment of "Americans". I am an American; you are also an American. You are proud of your state; I am proud of my state. Why not appreciate the differences rather than criticize them.

Finnskimo said...

Uhm, what assessment of "Americans?" If you'd like examples of how rude the "people of America" were compared to the Canadians, then I can certainly give those to you. BUT...I figured I'd just say that Canadians were much nicer than Americans.

Cool, glad you're proud to be an American too. We Alaskans, unlike "americans" pay $13 for a gallon of milk, and $9 a gallon for gasoline that's refined from the billions of barrels of oil from AK...but I love where I'm from.

And Canadians...I still think you were way nicer than the Americans in the gas stations and restaurants we drove through. Thanks for that! :) OH, except when we passed through where they have Sturgis, cause that was seriously cool!

Anonymous said...

just love your blog and your photos and i have to agree with CUTEST SISTERS. Next time you and your sister are out and about remember this:
My Sister has and Awesome Sister!!!!
she does :)
we visited Canada; again we have to agree, polite, informative, willing able, ready to share and full of envy of our tans due to living in a very warm part of u.s.a
My Sister has and Awesome Sister!!!!

Heidi said...

You would pay less for a gallon of milk if you had more cows in Alaska.

Your Canada comment cracked me up. I just came back from a cruise to the Canadian east coast. I had problems getting back on the ship because my son and I share a different last name. The officials were extremely polite in questioning whether or not I was trying to kidnap on of their kids.

I love Canada and can't wait to go back.

Carrie-Lee said...

I was so glad to hear your assesment of my country. I enjoy living in Kotzebue, but Canada will always be home. Thanks for sharing your everyday experiences with all of us.