Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fast Thumbs

I have really fast thumbs. You know, for texting... but sometimes having fast thumbs is NOT a good thing.

Especially when you have Autocorrect on your phone.

Then having fast thumbs is NOT good...because your dumb little iPhone doesn't keep up with your fast thumbs and it just corrects things if it wants too when it misses letters...

And then you have to deal with people laughing at you afterwards... Or questioning your meat preference.

eating babies
I swear he doesn't really like the taste of babies...

I mean, I like Rhubarb...but maybe not that much.

anal 1
No comment...

bacteria and crazy
How about some Bacteria and Crazy for breakfast? (Actually I know some people who probably eat/are that for breakfast!!!)

anal again
Apparently I anal him a lot.


Lori said...

I'm sure you've seen this website, but just in case you haven't, I'll post the link:
I laughed so hard I was crying at some of them!

Doin' It Myself said... and

I laughed my butt off. My phone (android) used to do the same thing till I turned off the auto correct... and there are some DOOZIES in there!

Anonymous said...

OHMYGOODNESS!! Thank you very much for the good afternoon laugh! I am pretty sure I burnt those calories from my lunch! So darn funny! Those fast thumbs gotta catch up with those sewing, cooking fingers of you anyways! ;)

Roselynn Custer said...

LMAO! I ANAL your post and blog!! :D :D

Janice Bendixen said...

I can't stop laughing and now ALL my stomach muscles hurt!

Sabrina said...

LOL-LOL-LOL!!!!!!!!!! OMG, LOL! My husband gets weird texts from me too, not as much anal, but it's been known to pop up on my Droid too! LOL!!!!!!

twobusy said...

I am now crying with laughter. Thank goodness I already finished my soup.

Esther said...

hahaha, Maija, so funny! I just love your blog and your writings. :)