Thursday, August 25, 2011


The fall time season in Northwest Alaska is our busiest season yet. I always laugh when people say things like, "I'm too busy," when asked to volunteer for simple tasks. Obviously they haven't met me, or read my facebook posts. Busy?! Psh. Whatev.

I leave the B-U-E for the big city tomorrow and will miss the best salmon fishing time yet. So, this week has been pretty much the same for me every day. Get up, Shower, Kids to school, Work, Bake at lunchtime, Get off work, Pull Net, Cut Fish, Clean Net, Clean Fish, Vac Seal Fish, Freeze Fish, Wash fish clothes, Go to bed.


I have a specific formula that I use for Subsistence. I want to eat Shiifish twice a week for 52 weeks, I want to eat Salmon twice a week for 52 weeks, I want to eat Caribou/Moose twice a week for 52 weeks, then I have to put away 104 vac sealed bags of each.

The Shiifish was done during April/May, and the Salmon is done now. (I don't like to eat Camo Fish, you know...the ones with the nasty stripes down the sides of spawned out fish...) And the caribou/moose is done next month.

So, don't tell me you're busy, cause my husband is out of town for the months of August and September so I am the mom, dad, baker, cleaner, cook, good cop, bad cop, employee, fisherman, fish cleaner, fish sealer, dog caretaker, etc. In addition to Zumba, Healthy Food Class, Church, and Garage Sales...of course!

At least I don't have to do laundry. Man, I'm gonna savor the 10 day BREAK in the big city!


Lisa said...

Maija, you never cease to amaze me with what you are able to accomplish.Often just reading your Facebook posts exhausts me! I seriously wish I lived in the same town as you because I would learn so much and get a lot more done than I do now. You go girl!

Allmycke said...

You're good people and I'm so glad you keep up with old traditions - and tell us about them!

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY agree with you on the "I'm too busy" routine...whatever! I would believe them more if they would be honest and say "I can't be bothered!" :-)
Love to hear that you do such a variety, and seem to at least enjoy it :-)) (Maybe the eating more than the preparing part!)