Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hi from the road!


Long road trip. We are in Great Falls, Montana, about to leave America for the last time. Going on to Canada today,then Alaska (which is technically not "America" just ask the shipping companies!).

We have had a blast on our trip so far. Visited old friends in Colorado and Wyoming. We've seen so many farms I'm officially done with farms. My favorite thing though is driving through little towns that remind me of Radiator Springs from Cars. Oh and seeing the cows. haha.

I can't post photos, but we have quite the collection on Facebook so if you want to see them, check there!

OK, off to Canada today! See you on the flip side.


Janice Bendixen said...

I LOVE the new photo! It's so you!

Anonymous said...

Great blog about your trip. Lovely pictures.

Where is your little niece during this trip?