Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Gosh, people have so much time on their hands.

I look like I do lots of "stuff," (well I DO do lots of stuff) I have nothing but time these past two days. I am stuck on the couch. The only thing I can do is sit here, read, surf the net, eat applesauce, and sleep. I feel like time is standing still, except that everything around me is still mvoing at lightening speed. My niece's FIRST birthday is next week. Like as in, NEXT MONDAY. And I'm all about birthday parties, so this is a BIG thing. But I'm still stuck on the couch.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful up in these parts. Spring is here and in full bloom. Except our Bloom is different from your bloom. When I say Bloom I mean Ptarmigan are changing colors, rabbits are changing colors and the Shiifish have arrived. We are still buried with 12 feet of hard packed snow, but our sunny days start out at 6am and don't end until 11pm.

When the sun comes back, everyone is excited. And I'm stuck on the couch.

Sometimes I think this is a sign from above that I need to SLOW DOWN. I work full-time and rush home, cook dinner, make sure homework is done then pack my younger kids off to do something. Sledding, Fishing 30 miles away, community meetings, potlucks, etc. Anything to get them involved as much as I am. Anything to get out of the house. AND I sew almost every night. Skin sewing, cloth sewing, doll sewing, mukluk patching, pattern making, headband making (with Duct Tape!), etc.

But I've been sitting on the couch for two days with a secondary reaction to Strep Throat that is attacking my joints and immobilizing me from doing the simplest skin sewing. Yes, I can still type. I could type when I had blisters too, one finger works, I can still type! Now, to add icing to the cake of life, my son is sick. I swear that kid has inherited EVERYTHING bad from me. When we get sick, we get SICK. We don't get a cold, we get Pneumonia. We don't have sore muscles, we get flesh eating bacteria. We don't have normal blisters, we get those that cover our hands entirely. We don't have normal headaches, we get debilitating migraines.

I will admit, this might be the first time I've had Strep Throat, I might have had it before, it's a sucky thing. But my throat hurting isn't hurting as much as my joints are. I was super worried at the hospital wondering if I was getting early onset arthritis, but they assured me that thanks to my steroid use a couple of weeks ago from recurring blisters, that it was just the reaction to Strep that was doing that. Great.

I wonder if taking a Sauna would help... Makes me want to go to camp. But I can't cause I'm sick. Random thought, I want a 3,500 HP Generator for camp...WITH remote start! (My car doesn't even have remote start) A generator at CAMP with remote start would be livin' large!

So, I know this post is full of unfun stuff, but sometimes life is not fun. Sometimes you just have to sit on the couch and surf the internet at crafty blogs making mental notes about what you can do for your daughter's birthday that's in, OH CRAP, less than two weeks.

I think I could probably become famous if I didn't have to work. Seriously, I can look at a "Dessert Table" and recreate the entire thing. I can make and decorate cakes like a professional. I can bake just about anything. I can sew anything I see in stores with my own pattern. I can make mukluks and mittens and parka's with the best of them. I like to cut up seals and caribou and I love to go fishing.

Priorities I guess...I'd rather work and take care of my family full time and craft/blog/sew part time. I guess that works for me.

Don't get me wrong. If I won a lottery, I'd be gone from my job at least right after I trained someone else to do it. But only because I'd own a coffee shop/skin sewing business/outdoor store/B&B, and be super busy with that. :)


sue said...

just sending healing thought from the "lower states".. hope you are back on your feet soon... you have -in me - a new loyal reader!!!! best wishes......

rockygrace said...

Oh, rats - I hope you and your son are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Get Well Soon! Keep buying lottery tickets too;)

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Booo to being sick!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...hate to say this but you and your son sound like me until about 10-15 years ago. I started with all the things you are describing when I was about 15 y/o. I had a great life, still do but different, with lots of activity and achievement. I loved and it and went all the time UNITIL by body shut down. I knew I was 'tired' but figured a week of rest and vacation and I would be good. Took 6 months, to get half way back and then 3 years to get totally back to normal, a new one!

Take some hard look at all the 'wants' and activities. Find some time to be slow, to meditate or just breathe. It is a long, slow, constant 'stress' was how my great doctor explained to me. I had to readjust my entire life or risk killing myself, literally. ( I was EXCELLANT as ignoring my body and its signals, to the point I TRULY did not see or recognize the 'signs'.)

I still do more than the 'normal' person but I pay much more attention to my body and take much better care of myself.

If you get it figured out, even part way, teach your son:-)))