Monday, March 7, 2011

Shooting tips from a 7 year old

Now if that's not the most odd title! But comparable with "Mice Killers!"

Thanks for all of your help and recommendations about how to get rid of this horrible cold/flu/sinus/whatever-it-is. I'm still down in the dumps, but only by way of a stuffed up head and I can handle that.

I LOVE it when kids want to be a tiger!

It didn't stop me from painting faces for six hours straight on Saturday. Or making enough stuff for about 150 "Indian Tacos." (Which included that many fried breads big enough to fit on your plate! And Meat and Corn and Pico and Refried Beans and Cheese and Lettuce. Yeah, it was that good and I was that busy)

Sunday we finally were able to RELAX which meant sitting on our duffs in front of the television almost all day. Ahhh... We did manage to take Kaisa out shooting though. She got a Pink .22 single shot rifle for Christmas and has been itching to get some rabbits. And Dean's been bugging me to get reacquainted with my .357 pistol.

momma shoots

She needed a refresher lesson though, because she's seven and even though she's been around guns her entire life, we still don't let her handle them without one of us standing RIGHT next to her. Cause you know, guns are dangerous.

So, without anymore from momma, here is Kaisa:

Guns are Dangerous. They can't be played with. Even if your friend wants you to see their gun then you should tell their adult parent. (Apparently some parents aren't adults)


First you get your earmuffs on. I got mine from my brother. He's gonna paint them pink to match my gun. (Priorities) Then you get your gun. Then you get a bullet from Dean's pocket.

Put the bullet in the hole.

put bullet in

Push the thingy to the bullet and then push the thingy down. (Someone needs gun vocab lessons)

click into place

Pull the thingy back. You have to pull it back hard. And you can't wear gloves.

pull back

Aim at the target. You can't put your fingers on the trigger until you're ready to shoot.


Then put your finger on the trigger. Breathe real big and then SHOOT! (she CLAPPED her hands right here for some dramatic flair)


If you want to shoot again, you just have to pull the thingy back and open it up, but do it fast or else the bullet thing gets stuck.

And there you have it. How to shoot a gun from a 7 year old's perspective. I guess I'm very happy that she did mention that you should NEVER put your finger on a trigger until you are READY to shoot the gun. She did shoot about 25-30 rounds at a little bitty target in the snow, by herself.

shooting targets

She's not quite ready to go out and shoot rabbits, but she's getting there. And being an Eskimo, living in Alaska, she is going to know how to handle guns and how to handle guns at friends houses, because chances are, there are guns at her friends houses and who knows if their parents taught them the correct way to handle them. The more she knows, the better.



basebell6 said...

LOVE this post of her pink gun. i shot rabbits, birds, and frogs as a kid so it brought back memories :).

jen said...

I truley believe that knowledge gives you the proper respect for guns. Down south though, people look at you funny when you say your going to teach your kids to shoot. I live around too many granola crunchers down here! LOVE the pink .22!

Susan Stevenson said...

I think I need to take lessons from Kaisa. I like how she explains things. I'd probably call all those moving parts the same words. *grin*

LOVE the pink rifle!

Jerald said...

Where did you find the pink gun?

judysquiltsandthings said...

Bravo! Teaching a child how to properly use a gun saves lives! It, also, brought back fond memories of hunting with my dad.

gpc said...

Good job! It sounds like she got the most important lessons down pat! I agree with her that some parents do not really qualify as adults. The 'guns in other people's houses' is the first lesson preschoolers here are taught. We all know people who don't attend to safety of their weapons, so (I think) kids need to know what to do around firearms.

Finnskimo said...

We found her pink gun at Sportsman's Warehouse in Anchorage. But you can get on the Cricket website and order them from there too. :)

My niece got a pink gun for her Birthday last year and my nephew a Black one. Kaisa has a pink woodgrain one and then my son has like nine guns, I don't remember what kind they are, only that he has at least one of each. Rifle, shotgun, pistol, low cal rifle, high cal rifle...etc. etc. etc. Cause apparently one can't have "too many guns" in this house.

Which is why I get to order myself a new sewing machine. Cause my husband wants ANOTHER gun, so we traded off. I get a new sewing machine, he gets yet ANOTHER gun.

:) Priorities man.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Same as our house! Our kids had guns bought for them before they were even born.

I am a little envious though... no girls in our house so no pink guns. I think I might just have to make sure my next gun is pink!

I think husband always have another gun in mind. Good idea on scoring yourself a new sewing machine when he gets a gun! I should try that one.